I woke this morning thinking it was Sabbath.

A little more reflection and I realized, sadly, it wasn’t. When I got out of bed, it was too late to do any exercising. Guess it was that bite of cookie I ate in my dream.

100% Raw Food

31 ozzies grapefruit juice

Brunch (can you have breakfast and brunch, too?)
3 bananas and 2 Kents sliced up together in a bowl

3 bananas and 3 Ataulfos sliced up together in a bowl

Almost 3 quarts watermelon (marginally better than the last)
A red tomato, eaten like an apple
A yellow organic tomato, eaten the same way
Cherry tomatoes

I made it a point to get out and walk early in the day. It was just 15 minutes but it was better than nothing.

At lunch, I took some cherries to share with the others. To begin with, no one wanted them, but finally, everyone but one person had some. One of the nurses had the science project the cafeteria calls coconut pie and she’d said she was too full for cherries. She was unwrapping it and I said, “You are too full for a cherry but you can still eat pie?” I think she felt ashamed and she ate a cherry. She seemed surprised that it was so good.

It wasn’t quite as busy today but it sure was hot outside. According to WeatherBug, the high was 99. I was the post office/mail person again and those were the only times I was outside other than my early walk. I felt sorry for the 127 Yard Sale people. I’ve been surprised the crowds haven’t been like previous years, though. That might be due to the extending of the length by another 180 miles. I make it a point to stay away. I can’t think of anything I need–as a matter of fact, I could sell stuff. The school does it for a fundraiser and I always intend to gather things up to donate but it gets here before it’s supposed to. I don’t know why on earth it’s during one of the hottest months in the South. Seems it would make a lot more sense to have it in the spring or fall.

I spotted my neighbor outside when I got home from work (obviously). We had a good visit and I expressed my gratitude again for the pressure-washing of the house. I asked how much I owed but she wouldn’t accept anything. I could, at least, pay for the bleach but she won’t take it.

One of the church members left voice mail that tomorrow is Communion. I googled communion SDA and found this. I thought it was pretty interesting. My mother-in-law had an early SDA cookbook that had a recipe for unleavened bread that was really delicious. It was very simple, ingredient-wise, but it had to be pounded. I broke a rolling pin doing that once upon a time. I never baked it for the church. The one year I was a deaconess was really rough because I tried to take care of the duties and play the organ, too. It was next to impossible and I was never asked again.

I e-mailed the pastor for the hymns and I got a quick reply. They are both familiar so there’s no need to rush down in the morning to practice.

Well, folks, that’s been my day. Hope everyone has had a pleasant one. Up until now, mine’s been good but someone or something has definitely disturbed a skunk. My neighbor will be happy. He likes the smell.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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