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No rain to report today.

I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I was so wired from the goings on with my BIL that I couldn’t unwind. I’d gotten to bed somewhat after 10 (I don’t remember exactly what time), got up after 11 and updated on the forum until something like 12:30. I took a Melatonin […]

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It rained a little today but not much.

Today has not be a good raw food day. Well, I’ll take that back. Part of it has been and part of it hasn’t. The problem is, I have so much food around that it’s hard to eat it all. Another problem is, some of the food isn’t that good. I’ll get to that later. […]

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Today was a wild and crazy day!

To begin with, I got to bed late and then I thought I would never get to sleep. Finally did and got up to go potty at 5. I went back to bed thinking I needed to get up in less than an hour. Went sound asleep, slept through the alarm and didn’t get up […]

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I’m wallowing in fruit again. More about that later, though. I was up and at ’em this morning. I did my exercises through the LSEs and then I jumped to the pushup. Bad news. I fell by 21 seconds to 77. Still pretty decent for a 63 year old woman. 100% Raw Food Breakfast 16 […]

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It’s been a busy busy day.

I just remembered I have a load of clothes in the washer. Back in a sec! Did you miss me? It took more than a second. I had to hang everything up and make sure I had enough space. It saves on electricity not to have the dryer but it’s still a pain. I was […]

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I am surrounded.

The katydids are in the trees in the woods and the ones in front of and beside the house. It’s a pleasant sound even though I don’t like what it’s supposed to mean. And now, I will say, “WOOHOO!” I got up and did my exercises through the LSEs and then skipped to a–get this!–97 […]

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It’s a good thing I live the way I do.

Except for a lack of sleep, that is. I would never be able to make it with everything that’s been going on if I didn’t eat raw food and exercise. It was almost 11 when I turned the light off last night and it’s 10:24 right now. Make that 10:25. I was up shortly after […]

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