Talk about busy!

Today was a full day from beginning to almost the end.

I got to bed earlier than usual last night and was up at almost 8. I did all of my exercises including a 102 second pushup! I think that deserves a WOOHOO!

100% Raw Food

30 ozzies grapefruit juice

Brunch (can you have brunch after having breakfast?)
17 ozzies OJ blended with three Ataulfo mangos

On the way to the play and on the way to the cemetery
Undetermined number of Bing cherries

Going up the mountain from Wally World
3 bananas

Kim chee
The rest of the marinated mushrooms
3 quarts salad (romaine, red butterhead, homegrown buttercrunch, homegrown cucumber, homegrown tomato with a couple of organic tomatoes, Vidalia onion) dressed with cashew dressing

After I had my grapefruit juice, I threw on my bikini bottoms and my Awesome tank top and went out for an hour in the sun. I finished listening to “Do I Have Two Minds or What?” and it was interesting. I started another go-round of the Perfect Health Program on detox. There’s a wealth of information in that one segment, plus there are all the other CDs, too.

By the time I had my OJ/mango blend, took a shower, updated on the forum some, and got dressed, it was time to go to the play.

I got in the car, swooped down the mountain, and found my sister and BIL with no problem. Going in, it looked like I was going to have a hard time getting a parking spot but by the time I got to the other side, there were plenty of spaces and I parked right beside their car.

We went back over to the cars and sat on a bench that looked like it would be miserable but it was very comfortable. We talked and my sister tried, with no success, to call her son. It wasn’t long until they pulled up. Our group grew tremendously. There was my sister, BIL, their son, his wife, their two daughters, son-in-law, the married daughter’s best friend, and, of course, yours truly. Now, remember. There will be a test.

My sister had gotten tickets for the performance and made sure all the seats would be together. It was sold out and she hadn’t known the best friend would be coming. My BIL went looking for a solution in vain. Finally, he asked one of the people in charge if they needed any jurors for the “court”. The man said yes, gave him a button, and he was part of the cast! He came and told my sister and me about it while we were touring the museum. We felt famous! I told her I was keeping my ticket stub as a souvenir and if I got my BIL to sign it, it would be valuable!

We got in, were seated, and enjoyed the performance. Most times, we could see my BIL. He was dressed appropriately for the part and should have been given a more prominent position but that’s life.

During the intermission, I went looking for some un-chilled water and found a bottle that hadn’t been chilling long. I drank a little of it, put it in the car to warm up, and went back in to the bathroom. I had to wait and I was the last one back in and had to parade to my seat in front of everyone. I felt very obvious. My sister told me she was alarmed when I hadn’t come back in with the others.

The second half called for audience participation in the form of laughter and applause and we did a good job if I must say so myself. My BIL didn’t have a speaking part but he looked intelligent and that was what he was supposed to do. Of course, that was no stretch for him since he is one of the most intelligent people I know. He married into my family and that proves it.

The director, who also played one of the starring roles, was retiring after 20 years. He was presented with a framed recognition of his contribution and he got emotional. I was glad I got to see him again since this was the last time.

After it was over, pictures were taken and we caravaned to the cemetery. Those people must read my blog! The place had been mowed, though there was still a lot of tall stuff on Mother’s grave plus one of the pieces of fake greenery was gone. I filled it in as best I could and started pulling the taller weeds. The others wandered around, talking and looking at tombstones. Someone said there were raindrops falling but I didn’t feel anything. I went on with my project until it was halfway satisfactory and went over to where my sister was. My little weather clock beside my bed had shown severe clear for today but I’d thrown an umbrella into the car just in case.

We walked around and looked some more and it started sprinkling. We got out of it under the trees for a few minutes but then it started raining in earnest. I dashed to the car and got my umbrella plus the Ataulfo and Kent mangos I’d taken them. I took them to their car, my sister gave me the garden stuff she’d brought, and I took my leave.

I went to Wally World and it was barely sprinkling again. By the time I got a few things and went back out, the sun was shining and there was no more evidence of rain.

It hadn’t rained much, if at all, here. I stopped at the other fridge and got some salad stuff and came to the house. There was a little rainwater from the other day that I let the volunteer tomato plant have. It was looking droopy.

The clock was on something like 7:15 when I walked in the door. I’d had little to eat today and it’s scary that I was able to go so long without getting hungry. I ate the bananas more out of needing to than from the hunger aspect. I was willing to eat again, though.

It was so late, I ate while I watched most of the last “Next Food Network Star” and the person I voted for was the one who won. They’d sent her home at one point but, because one of the finalists had misrepresented his accomplishments and history, she was brought back.

That’s been my day and I’m ready to go to bed so I can face another one tomorrow.

Good night!

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