No rain to report today.

I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I was so wired from the goings on with my BIL that I couldn’t unwind. I’d gotten to bed somewhat after 10 (I don’t remember exactly what time), got up after 11 and updated on the forum until something like 12:30. I took a Melatonin and went to bed and managed to sleep well the rest of the night.

No exercise of any kind this morning.

100% Raw Food

26 ozzies grapefruit juice

20 large Bing cherries
Generous quart peaches
Tomatoes with Tajin (there was one yellow tomato that was better than yesterday’s)
2 yellow Roma type tomatoes Nancy wanted me to try. Not impressed.

Marinated mushrooms
Kim chee
4 Ataulfo mangos
Several longan
3 quarts salad (all organic ingredients–red leaf, romaine, Vidalia onion, tomatoes, cucumber) dressed with cashew dressing

I am stuffed! Almost miserable! Nice thing is, the feeling won’t last.

Neither one of the regular pianists was at church so a minutewoman filled in. She did really well and she’s been hiding her talent all this time. I didn’t quite catch everything, but she had told the songleader she doesn’t do sharps too well. The songleader doesn’t have a clue what’s what in music and she picked out a song and announced “this one” looked like it didn’t have any sharps. It had three! After we played it (the pianist played it in flats and I followed suit), I said, “It doesn’t have sharps? It has three!” The leader looked out into the congregation and said, “Mom, remember! Sharp is the number sign.” Aye law!

I embarrassed my friend, Rose, by announcing her birthday was yesterday. It was a praise for her having lived another year.

I’d worn a filmy flowered skirt I’ve had for years and a pink top that my mother would have loved. I felt like I looked like a wedding cake. My shoes were T-strap sandals with little heels. They were very hard to fasten. I’ll never wear them when I have to play the organ and I don’t think I’ll ever wear the skirt again, period. It just isn’t ME. One of the women I was talking to after church helped me fasten one of my shoes or I might have still been there, struggling.

One of the ladies in the church always comes up to kneel by the organ bench during the Garden of Prayer and she brought her daughter up to meet me after the service. I’d never met her before but she looks so much like her sister, I knew who she was. She was very knowledgeable about cultures during Bible times. She had contributed a lot to the Sabbath School lesson discussion. She looks so unhappy. She didn’t smile at all, ever. She has lots of health issues and maybe she doesn’t feel good. I’m sure her mom has told her about my weird way of eating. Could be that’s why she was distant. It’s obvious she’s carrying a lot of extra weight.

The rest of the day was spent eating, updating on the forum, and lazing around. I did get out in the sun for 1/2 hour about 4:30. I missed my watermelon but I couldn’t face that mushy one in the fridge. I’ll salvage what I can and throw the rest away. That’s $6 largely wasted.

Tomorrow is a big day. I’m supposed to meet my sister and her husband in town and we’ll go to a local museum, then to the play. The play starts at 3. After that, we’re visiting Mother’s grave. Their son and his family will be there, too. I’ve e-mailed her to find out what her plans are for food. If they have a picnic, I have plenty of fruit to contribute! If I get up and june, I’ll be able to exercise, get in an hour in the sun, and EAT. I need to go get some toilet tissue and dental floss. I’m not out of the tissue but I ran out of floss several nights ago. Last night, I got out my Reach flosser and used it but I prefer plain old floss.

I’m going to bed. I’m sleepy after my lack last night. Good night!

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