Today was a wild and crazy day!

To begin with, I got to bed late and then I thought I would never get to sleep. Finally did and got up to go potty at 5. I went back to bed thinking I needed to get up in less than an hour. Went sound asleep, slept through the alarm and didn’t get up until past 6:30. No time to exercise.

100% Raw Food

Lots of peaches blended with 13 ozzies OJ
28 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

30 ozzies banana/mango smoothie
3 cups peaches with the juice of one orange to keep them from turning dark

Almost 3 quarts watermelon
2.5 quarts salad which I didn’t finish. The greens were conventionally grown and very tough. I persevered and ate most of them with four wonderful tomatoes (at least three of them were organic), Texas sweet onion, dressed with tomato/peach dressing (instead of mango). The dressing was very tangy and quite good. I drank the rest of it after I pitched the greens.
Three peaches (the parts that were still sound)

The clinic person stayed in our office until I managed to take three laps around the buildings. I all but finished the teleconference with Dr. D. for the third time.

After that, it got super busy. I filled in at the front window a lot of the day while my faithful registrar ran back and forth to the ER. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to full staff. I had one off today.

I wasn’t able to actually eat lunch. I blended my bananas and mangos and drank it between patients. Finally, about 2:30 CDT, I was able to eat my peaches.

I called Nancy and put in my order for tomorrow. She’ll bring me some corn (if the raccoons haven’t gotten it all), tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, and basil. My basil has perished because of the lack of rain (though we got a little today).

On the way out the office door, there was someone needing to schedule a procedure. The late shift registrar was in the ER so I showed the person to the proper place and waited until someone came and took over. I was out the door and on my way home.

The heady smell of peaches was in the air when I got in the house. I sorted some more and took a mango box full to the neighbors I had yet to meet. They have a cute little miniature Chihuahua that was threatening me with annihilation but it turned out it was all show. The young lady came to the door and was thrilled to get the peaches. We visited for a few minutes and I admired the little pond they’ve put in the back yard. The are fixing up the place like it’s never been fixed up before. My mother-in-law’s sister and her husband lived there when I moved up from Alabama and it was an old house then. The way they’re going, it will be beautiful which it never has been.

It was back to working on peaches. I put more in mango boxes and put them in the fridge. There are some left that are still too green to eat. They might be ready by tomorrow. I think I overdid it getting two boxes but I’ve had plenty to share and that’s nice.

I’m ready to go to bed. I plan to sleep tonight. Seems the first night I don’t have overt fat or salt is always fairly sleepless. I rested but that was about it.

My BIL was moved to the rehab place today. He’s supposed to start with physical therapy tomorrow, I believe. I’m sure he’ll be motivated to do his best so he can go home.

Twinkle just took up residence on my lap. I’m going to have to disturb her soon. Good night!

2 Responses to Today was a wild and crazy day!

  1. Marjorie July 18, 2007 at 12:21 am #

    Oh man, I wish I was your lucky neighbor. Free fresh peaches. I bet everyone LOVES to see you coming (except maybe the Chihuaha). LOL!

    Have a good sleep,


  2. Tommie July 18, 2007 at 6:30 pm #

    That’s one cute little dog. If I didn’t have Twinkle, I wouldn’t mind having a little one like that. It settled down and wasn’t “hyper” like so many of that breed are.

    I did get some good sleep last night. I was banking on it.

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