I thought Katy and friends were loud last night.

Much more of this and I won’t be able to hear anything else.

I got up when the alarm went off and did my exercises through a 78 second pushup. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. Not earthshaking or a personal record but decent.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies Valencia OJ (some of the best I’ve ever tasted)

Later (I got busy at work and forgot it)
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie–really delicious

32 ozzies banana/red leaf/green leaf/romaine smoothie
6 plums

1/3 large burpless cucumber
3 Campari tomatoes

1.5 quarts watermelon (one of the best I’ve eaten this year)
1 quart salsa with Tajin and half an avocado
A few marinated mushrooms
A Campari tomato and several cherry tomatoes

It was on the late side when I left the house. I’d tracked in a leaf and Twinkle ate it. She upchucked two different places and I had to clean it up. Pleasant.

I didn’t even take my shoes with me today. There was no way I could get out and walk so I didn’t try. It was Managed Care day and they had to do without me. I did get one day audited by doing it between phone calls, e-mails, and registrations.

I’m still e-mailing the devotional readings to my sister but I didn’t get a round tuit this morning. I was washing dishes and realized I still hadn’t done it. I was trying to figure out why it takes me longer to get ready now than it used to. It dawned on me my hair is so much thicker than it once was, it takes probably three times as long to dry it. Guess it’s a nice problem but I need to budget for that, too. Next to the last haircut, my hairdresser used thinning shears on part of it. It ain’t terribly thick compared to some but the days of getting my hair finished up in six minutes is gone. Takes more like 20. I think I’ll have her cut the back much shorter next trip. That should help. One of the registrars brought me some magazines with hairstyles and I have one picked out. It isn’t a lot different from what I already have.

My dishwashing has changed, too. No pots and pans. No grease. I could probably get by with rinsing things but I still use dishwashing detergent. I know there are raw foodists who rinse and drain but I’m not there yet. Maybe when I run out of my supply of Melaleuca.

I found out the funeral is tomorrow at noon. If it were later in the afternoon, I could go but that’s one of our busiest times, plus lunch for at least one of the staff. Maybe I can get to the funeral home sometime in the morning.

On the way home, I stopped at three different places before I found bananas that were at least not glow-in-the-dark green. I have enough ripe ones for tomorrow. These will take at least a couple of days to ripen.

And now it’s true confession time and may there be those reading it that will learn from my mistake. I’m planning a trip later on this year that will involve flying. I had been looking at flights and I was concentrating on ones from the closest airport which is maybe an hour away. I went on Priceline and made an offer which was refused. I modified it several different ways but it was always turned down. I could have gotten one, outright, for a fairly reasonable price but I always want to do better. It was my downfall this time. Finally, one day, I chose an alternate airport which is at least three times as far away as the one I’d settled on, thinking it would surely be turned down. It wasn’t. So…I’ll have to drive many miles farther and park for a week when I could have had my son take my car home with him. It will end up costing me more plus all that driving time. Ignorant, stupid, you name it, I’ve kicked myself from here to there and back again. It’s something I will always and forever avoid in the future.

And now I’m going to bed. Good night!

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