The day has died in the west.

Heaven is touching earth with rest.

When I got up a little past 6:30, I planned to take my thyroid med and sleep some more. The best laid plans…I’m still awake. Reason I wasn’t going to stay up is because I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. I was coughing coughing coughing and I don’t want to stifle it because it’s the body’s natural way of getting rid of the yucky mucus. I got a small towel, put it over my head, and breathed the steam from a pan of water on my one remaining burner on my kitchen range. It was a vast relief and I slept well when I finally called it a night.

Being it was Sabbath, I didn’t do my exercises.

100% Raw Food

25 ozzies grapefruit juice
Kim chee
A young coconut (I put a lot of the meat in the freezer)

Generous 3 quarts watermelon

24 ozzies banana/coconut/spinach smoothie

20 ozzies cantaloupe smoothie

1 cup peaches
Huge 3 quarts salad of red leaf/romaine/sweet onion/tomato dressed with Matt’s Dip
A few bites of marinated mushrooms
Kim Chee

Between breakfast and the snack, I went out and lay in the sun for an hour. I’d started downloading the MP3 of the Sabbath School discussion from PineKnoll earlier but it wasn’t finished when I was ready to go out (dialup strikes again). I stopped the timer at about 20 minutes to go and came in, loaded the file on my MP3 player and went back out. One note about BasicISP. For all the slowness of dialup, this has got to be the fastest slowest dialup I’ve ever had. I would still trade it for DSL in a heartbeat and I let AT&T know I want broadband every chance I get. The last time I talked to someone about it, the nice young naive lady told me the computer said for me to try back in 72 hours and I told her I’d been trying for years, literally, with no results. And as big as AT&T is, it should be able to handle the problem. I also told her there are lots of people in my area who want DSL, at least. Oh, well, my dialup is what it is, and it’s faster than it was so I’ll continue on with my saga. Where was I when I got sidetracked? Oh, yes, I took my player with me and headed back into the sun where I completed my hour.

I’ve done a lot of catching up on the forum and e-mailing of my sisters. I timed myself eating my watermelon, too. I enjoy living dangerously and making life a challenge. Besides the time it took to prepare it, I spent over half an hour eating it. So…I spent a lot of time eating today, too.

It was picnic time and I still had most of the discussion to listen to. My apologies to my sisters. I am copying this from an e-mail and reproducing it here. I got antsy this afternoon and went down to the cemetery and took my cantaloupe smoothie with me. Part of the arrangement had been pulled off and stuck back in a different place. I fixed it. I had downloaded the PineKnoll discussion and put it on my MP3 player this morning. Had listened to part of it while I sunned and the rest while sitting on the ground beside the grave. It was so pleasant. Cool with a nice breeze blowing. On the way out, I decided to go visit Daddy. It was so much different. Hot and muggy with no shade anywhere close. I looked at the stones and none of those people lived much past their threescore and ten. I guess I don’t come from a line of long livers. Someone once told me that he did–his uncle had a liver 30 feet long. 🙄

A note of explanation. My mother elected to be buried by her parents rather than my father who was the love of her life. She had remarried years and years after he died (I wasn’t quite five when he died and I was married with a three month old son when I played the piano for her wedding) and maybe she didn’t feel it would be proper to be buried by him. Or maybe she preferred the more attractive setting. Anyway, she didn’t know I was there but I did and that’s what matters. I’m usually in such a hurry when I go and it was nice to just sit and BE today.

My son had called earlier and I hadn’t been able to get back in touch with him. He finally called and said for me to call him back (he left a message on CallWave). He wanted to know what time I planned to be there Tuesday. It’s my granddaughter’s birthday and I’m invited to the celebration. One of the large corporations has a huge fireworks display just for her. Well, not really, but it’s almost always on the 3rd and that isn’t the 4th! We talked until his phone about died and e-mailed after that. I’ll be spending the night at their house. I’ll need to lay in a good supply of bananas. I may mono-meal it. That would be the simplest thing.

When I’d finished my salad, my sister called and I called her back. We talked for a little more than 45 minutes. She was sorry I was coughing and I told her I was sorry she coughs. She’s had a chronic cough for 12 years. I have hope that mine will eventually go away.

I had the mushrooms and kim chee after we hung up. I am beginning to think that I will never find a marinated mushroom recipe that I like. The kim chee was kind of to make up for the disappointment I felt.

That’s been my day. It may not have been exciting but I enjoyed it.

Good night!

4 Responses to The day has died in the west.

  1. Marjorie June 30, 2007 at 10:54 pm #

    Marinated mushrooms?!? *Shudder* Why keep trying?

    :), Marjorie

    p.s. Hope you feel better and have a nice visit with your family on the Fourth.

  2. Tommie July 1, 2007 at 4:36 pm #

    They sound good. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

    Thanks. They are all fun to be around so I’m sure I will! I’ve decided on bananas and grapefruit to take and maybe some tomatoes. And mangos. I may just take the whole kitchen.

  3. RawLifestyle-Caroline July 3, 2007 at 6:19 pm #

    I’m sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family. Hope everyone becomes healthy!

    As for you, I applaud that you’re staying on your raw diet. Some people give it all up completely and I’m sure your body is glad for it.


  4. Tommie July 3, 2007 at 7:20 pm #

    Thanks, Caroline, on both fronts. My BIL is still in the hospital. I believe he’ll make it but it’s been touch and go.

    This is the best think I’ve ever ever done for myself. I just wish other people could see their way clear to give it a chance. It’s much better than all the medicine in the world put together.

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