It’s another day gone

and I’ve spent it eating 100% raw food with no salt and no overt fat.

Now that I’ve taken all the suspense out of my post today, I’ll proceed. I’m still coughing, though not as much. It took some doing to get through my exercises this morning. I had to stop and cough now and then or blow my nose but I think the deep breathing did me good. I did all of the routine with a 45 second (I think) pushup which was pitiful. Best I could do.


36 ozzie OJ/mango smoothie (16 ozzies mango/20 ozzies OJ)

Water from a young coconut with a very small amount of the meat. Balance went in the freezer to give away. Too mature.
Almost three quarts watermelon
3 kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberries)

24 ozzies banana/pear/spinach smoothie

Another quart+ watermelon

3 quarts salad (red leaf/curly red leaf/curly green/romaine with red onion and bitter cucumber I didn’t eat dressed with 3 cups mango/tomato dressing)
Half a peach and a nectarine
2 Campari tomatoes

The greens, onion, and cucumber were the only organics today. The rest was commercial/nice quality.

Between breakfast and my first snack, I went out and lay in the sun for an hour. I’m going to miss that when I go back to work. Do you suppose they’d let me have an hour every morning to do that? Duh, NO!

My Ataulfo mangos were to the slightly wrinkled stage which is how I like them best of all. I put almost three boxes in the other fridge and grabbed the coconut and some greens to bring back. If I’m careful, I’ll have enough greens to do me until I can get to the store next week. There’s only enough spinach for one smoothie, though.

This afternoon, the sky clouded over, there was some show of thunder and lightning power, a few sprinkles of rain (again, not enough to cover the steps) (if I had been so inclined, I could have counted the drops) and that was that. It blessed us here yesterday. Guess it was someone else’s turn.

That’s about it for my day. I’m still stacking dishes. Haven’t summoned whatever it takes to get them washed. I have found one way to do away with the need. Yesterday, I broke a glass and a couple of days before, a bowl. I’ll have to do them tomorrow. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I’m actually going to get to bed early tonight if I don’t get sidetracked doing something else. It’s just a few minutes after 9!

Good night!

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