It’s been an unusual day for me.

I got up close to on time after getting to bed at 10:30 last night. I only had time to BodyFlex and I did feel better after I completed that 20 minutes.


20 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/red leaf/romaine/lemon juice/cinnamon/agave smoothie
23 Bing cherries

2.5 quarts watermelon (I think my tastebuds were on strike yesterday because it tasted good today)

32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
3 cups salsa
1/2 avocado

I called the hospital to get the phone number of the registrar who was off today. If my auditing backup had been there, I would have stayed home but I couldn’t. I called the registrar and she agreed, reluctantly, to come in.

Since I was the bank/post office person today, I did those things and when I got back to the hospital, I was talking to one of the doctors. The people who operate the Asian market are personal friends of his. I told him I’m putting their picture on here so people can “meet” the people where I shop. I gave him my card and he put it in his pocket after admiring the laced-up banana.

So…with that, I’ll introduce you to My Farmer, Nancy, and the nice folks at the Asian market. I plan to make a page with these pictures and others on it but, for now, they’ll go here.

My Farmer

My Farmer

Asian Market

The folks at the First Asian/Oriental Grocery in the region

I’m so blessed to have gotten acquainted with all three of these people. Plus, I’ve gotten to know the Asian market people’s son and his family, and an aunt. They are all special.

It’s started to lightning and thunder and I got knocked offline. That’s okay. I’ll just finish this up and then get online to post it.

Now, some views of the organic grocery’s produce section:

Peppers and Carrots

Lettuces and Herbs

See how pretty and why I’m willing to go out of my way to shop there?

A good friend stopped in to say hi and was going to hug me until I warned her not to. We visited for a few minutes and she left. I got everything squared away, mail and bank-wise and did the auditing for the weekend. Everyone was encouraging me to come home so I took them up on it. There was a small explosion in the census this weekend but there was sufficient staff to handle that and the outpatient population, too, so I checked in with Administration and left. On my way out, I saw the pastor on my way out. He was concerned when he found out I’m under the weather so he took me aside and had prayer for my soon recovery. I hope the Lord sees fit to answer with a yes. I told him I’d come home, drink some grapefruit juice and eat some good raw food. He agreed that would be the best thing to do.

After stopping at the refrigerator to get some lettuces, I came in the house just about right at noon. Which means I left the hospital a little after 10:30 CDT.

I hadn’t eaten anything yet so “Breakfast” was probably actually lunch. The last cup of salsa went on the compost pile (it would have been a quart). I didn’t want to tediously chop the jalapeno so I threw it in the blender with one tomato and blended it up. Bad choice. The smaller the pieces, the hotter the result and it was HOT! I put some agave in it. Helped, but not enough. I added a splash of ACV which usually takes the edge off. A little but still hot. I gave up. I wasn’t going to eat any overt fat today but my stomach needed some soothing so I ate the half avocado. Which means I’ll have another half to eat later this week.

The storm has moved away. It was raining when I went to sleep last night, then again after I went to get the mail, etc. It was kind of nice, for a change, to have to juggle my umbrella with the the other stuff when I came in the house. The sun came out shortly after, though. I’m sure it was nothing that could be measured. Ah! I’m hearing raindrops again!

My anniversary pictures are going to have to wait for another day. I’m really trying to get to bed earlier and not keep pushing myself so hard. That’s my only hope for staying well.

Good night!

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