I’m sick.

And right before my second 100% raw food anniversary. Sick I know it’s because I’ve been pushing it and not getting enough sleep. My resistance is down and it’s all my fault. I’m going to stay home tomorrow. I don’t know that I’m contagious but I sure feel lousy at any rate. I’ve put the forum on notice that I’m going to bed early.

When I got up this morning, I felt okay. Not wonderful but okay. I did my BodyFlex and not long after that, I started having a dry, hacking cough. I went on to work because I didn’t feel sick. I was just coughing.


20 ozzies OJ
20 ozzies banana/spinach/mint smoothie

1 small cucumber
24 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
3 C Fred’s Mom’s Salad

A handful of grape tomatoes
32 ozzies watermelonade (I wondered why it didn’t taste good at all and thought it was the pale melon until I saw the lime juice still in the juicer. I drank it by itself since I need the vitamin C.)
1 quart salsa

I didn’t get to walk at all today and I hadn’t forgotten my shoes. No room, time-wise, for it.

I did my trip to the bank and post office. I stopped and bought a sympathy card for my ex-MIL and mailed it. Plus I stopped at the fruit stand and got some peaches and pears.

It was back to work which occupied me until right before I had to leave to take the outgoing mail.

There were still the same kind of tomatoes at the roadside market so I stopped and got some. They were in a paper bag. I was afraid they would fall over and scatter all over the place so I seat-belted them and got them home okay.

Well, I’ve already whined and complained so I will take my sorry self and get ready for bed. I beat on my chest for awhile but nothing much is coming up.

I hope everyone has a happy Sabbath. Think of me at home and pray for my son and his family as they travel many hours to go to his granddaddy’s funeral.

Good night!

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