I won’t write nearly as much as I’d planned.

It’s past 10:30 and I need to get to guess what? Bed! Supprise, supprise, supprise, to quote Gomer Pyle. It was past 1 am when I got to sleep and that was with help from Melatonin.

I overslept and got up too late to exercise.


20 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/spinach/mint smoothie (I cut the mint to three sprigs and it was better)

20 ozzies banana/red leaf/green leaf/romaine smoothie
Pineapple chunks until my tongue started to burn
1 very small burpless cucumber

Green beans

On the road
3 bananas

3 tomatoes eaten plain

I forgot to take my shoes with me but I walked three laps this morning anyway. I had on my Jambolines. My sister will know what they are if no one else does. She has a pair just like them.

My Farmer brought my weekly allotment of produce. There’s a nice little head of cabbage, some cucumbers that are bigger than last week’s, an assortment of peppers, some little beets, a large zucchini (this one looks perfect for spiralizing), some dill, a little spinach, gooseberries, and a few green beans. I think that was all. It was $10.50. I took her picture and will post it here on my anniversary. That’s Sunday!

I knew I’m supposed to go to the bank/post office tomorrow and Monday since the regular person will be gone but she told me I’d need to go this afternoon. I’d planned to leave early so I wouldn’t get home so late, anyway, but I stayed so I could take care of it. I did a drive by of Mother’s grave but I still made it to the Asian market in plenty of time. I picked up the mangos, plus I got a few other things. I asked about a jackfruit and they are going to try to get me one. We also talked about making kim chee and they showed me two different kinds of starter. One had bonito broth and the other dried shrimp so neither one would do. They don’t use those and will have the hot pepper next week. I won’t be back down there that soon but I’ll get some when I do go. I asked them if I could take their picture and they were pleased and posed for me. That one will go on here on Sunday, too. I was talking to the male person about my 100% raw food anniversary and he wanted to know how I feel. I told him I feel so much better than I used to and had lost 65 pounds. He was quite amazed. He was telling his wife and she said she’d been fascinated with American food when they first came over. She weighed 100 pounds then. She’s far from being obese now. She’d cook spaghetti, hamburgers, and bake cakes. When she started gaining, she would just buy larger clothes and it took awhile for her to realize it was the food. I told them it’s the Standard American Diet–SAD for short and that’s what it is. They agreed.

It was on to the organic market. I was armed with my camera and wanted to take pictures of the produce but I figured I should ask permission first. I went over to the desk and asked the young woman with the pierced nostril. She asked me why I wanted to take pictures so I explained to her that I shop there whenever I can, I will be celebrating my second anniversary of eating raw food on Sunday, and I would like to post pictures of my resources on my blog. She told me sure, it would be okay so I snapped a few and then went on with my shopping. I went back to find her to give her one of my cards but she’d either aged and lost the stud in her nose or it was a different woman. I told her I was looking for the young woman and she didn’t seem to know who I was talking about. I explained to her that I’d asked her for permission to take some pictures and she’d said I could. Well, you would have thought I was up to no good and planning to sabotage the food supply. I was informed that she’d have to check with the assistant manager and I should have asked for the manager. The attitude was so like the Book Critic that I wonder if they are related. She was nice enough about it, I guess, but I was made to feel about “that” tall. There are a lot of people in there who kind of look down their noses at people and some who are extremely nice and helpful so I just ignore the former and appreciate the latter. I wish there were a store elsewhere I could go that has as nice produce and I would. Upshot was that it was okay. I told her I’d already taken the pictures. I practically forced her to take my card. Maybe Trader Joe’s will take over one of the abandoned supermarket buildings and I’ll have an alternative.

Next was BiLo. The people there were just as nice as the woman was snotty. The fellow who was cashiering told me my total was $19.54. I told him that was a good year. It was before he was born. He said he was the oldest one working this afternoon at 35. I said I’d passed 63 some time back. He asked, “How old?” I repeated, “63”. He said I certainly don’t look it. I was happy he didn’t think so but when I looked in the mirror, the person looking back was pretty rough. I need to get more rest though I feel as good as ever.

On up the road was Aldi. I got the last 39 grapefruit. They are supposed to get more tomorrow but I won’t be back any time soon. There were a few other things, too, and then I headed to Wally World. I didn’t stay there long but it was still after 9 when I got home.

I stowed most of the perishables in the other fridge, then came to the house and unloaded. It took me a full 15 minutes to get everything else carried in. It was 10 before I was able to eat my tomatoes. Those are very good ones. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can get some more. All the way home, I was thinking about having them with some taco seasoning but ended up eating them plain. They have such a good flavor and texture they don’t need anything.

You’ve caught me in a lie. I guess I’ve written fully as much as I’d planned and maybe more. It’s time to stop and snooze. Good night!

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