I have gone and done it!

I willivered about (one of my mother’s phrases) and finally convinced my computer to cooperate to the point that it let me save what I needed to on my portable drive. I wasn’t selective. I saved whole folders of stuff. After I’d exercised as far as BodyFlex was concerned, it was time to format. I did the complete wipeout with no prisoners taken. It will take from Now to Eternity to get everything back on here.


20 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/mango/organic spinach smoothie

1.5 quarts watermelon
30 ozzies banana/organic green curly leaf lettuce smoothie
A few organic gooseberries

Half an organic cantaloupe
Salsa with parsley, dill, cucumber, salt-free taco seasoning, and avocado–I would have loved to add some salt but I didn’t

I was able to get out and walk for 15 minutes or a little more this morning. Things got busy, plus I went to help an older man with his bills. He’s unable to drive and doesn’t see well enough to figure things out on his own.

My Farmer brought me cucumbers, dill, spinach (she said this is the longest she’s ever been able to grow spinach and figures it’s keeping on just for me), sugarsnap peas, and a big zucchini for spiralizing. It’s almost too big around. I may have to trim it down some or spiralize it in a different direction. We’ll see. It was nice of her to let it grow when her instincts tell her to pick them small. She’s a fast learner when it comes to raw food preferences.

Since I got home, it’s been clicking OK lots, installing, updating, whatever. You might know (or my son and my SIL would guess) that the first order of business was to download the current version of Opera. I still need to set up my bookmarks and folder but I won’t take time to do that tonight. The last time I formatted was almost two years ago so I think that’s a pretty good track record.

It’s a Happy Sabbath here on the mountain. It is getting late. I need to wind this up and go to bed. One of the ladies from the church called this morning and said there’s to be a fellowship meal tomorrow. I haven’t had time to fix anything. I’ll probably come on home.

The valley got rain last night. It would be nice if it decided to rain here tonight. Good night, everyone!

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