It’s been quite a day!

I started out going back to bed six minutes before the alarm went off. Bad decision. It was 15 minutes later when I got up to stay. I only had time to do my BodyFlex.


6 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

2 or 3 Campari tomatoes
28 ozzies OJ/mango smoothie

24 ozzies banana/green leaf lettuce smoothie
Another Campari tomato

3+ quarts watermelon
1/4 head lettuce
A Campari tomato

When I got to work, one of my co-workers had been to Sam’s Club and had brought me (at my request) a large container of Campari tomatoes. It’s quite a bit larger than what I buy in town and costs less. I’ve made it a standing order. I hadn’t known she was going so it was a nice surprise. I shared with the people who like tomatoes.

I made it outside for three laps around the buildings both morning and afternoon. The sky was overcast which made it a nice temperature.

I ran into the lady who was reading The Hallelujah Diet. She has decided she is going to go for it and if her son doesn’t like the way she’s cooking (or not) he can fix his own food. He’s an adult so it’s not like he’s being abused. Maybe he’ll get inspired, too. She’s been looking at the recipes in the books I gave her but missed the ones for veggie burgers. I assured her they’re there so she was going to go home and look again.

My friend who got sprung from rehab called today. She leaves for Mexico tomorrow. She said she doesn’t like to say goodbye so we just said we’d see each other later.

I’d used a lot of spinach this morning, thinking I’d be getting more on Wednesday. Then it hit me that I won’t be at work that day. I called My Farmer and asked her which would be better, tomorrow or Friday and she said Friday. I’ll either have to buy some less than wonderful spinach or try to make do with what I have for the next four mornings. Not as bad as being completely without like during the Spinach Famine brought on by the Powers That Be.

During our conversation, she told me she loves my blog and has been telling people about it. I’m glad it’s doing some good! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that my efforts aren’t going to waste. I failed to ask her if she had checked out the forum. She told me she knows a man who has been eating raw food for 10 years and works long, hard days and still has tremendous energy. Of course! That’s what raw food (the right raw food) gives a person!

I stopped at both grocery stores on the way home. The first didn’t have a banana to be seen. There were some good-looking watermelons, though, so I got three. When I went to the other store, the bananas were greenish except for just a few. It’s a good thing I didn’t use any bananas on the weekend. I have enough to do me until I can find some decent ones.

At the check-out, I saw the Restaurant Lady. The person who was checking my purchases told her she’d heard she was on a diet. She said yes, that she still ate some fish and chicken but she’s eating a lot of raw food. The cashier told her I drink some really awful looking milkshakes. That wasn’t exactly how she described them but I don’t remember what she said. I had to correct her, anyway, and tell her they are green smoothies and they don’t have milk in them. She gleefully told the RL that I eat tofu. Once again, I had to burst her bubble. I haven’t had tofu in years. I let her know I stay away from soy because of my thyroid. Plus, it’s cooked.

There’s a groundswell in this little corner of Tennessee! Things are changing for a few people. Maybe one of these days, we can have our own Raw Food Association with potlucks! Who knows? I wouldn’t have believed any of this if, five years ago, someone told me what’s taken place. It’s incredible!

And now for a revelation. I’d discovered the Teflon coated assembly for my L’Equip had started peeling. I e-mailed my contact at the company last night and here’s the answer I got:


I was thinking of you last week, so it’s good to hear from you.

The manufacturing engineer from L’Equip was here 2-weeks ago addressing this problem with my management. L’Equip is now going to make the Blender Blade Assembly with a Stainless Steel surface. They’ve told me we should have them in about 30 days. When we receive them in inventory I’ll promptly send a couple of them to you. The prototype shown to us looked like it should take care of the problem and take care of it very nicely.

The reason I was thinking of you is because I’ve reached that time of the year where I’m ready to loose large amounts of weight and I’m for sure not excited about doing it through the normal starving program I’ve used in the past. I remember looking at your web-site several months ago and being impressed with the rail road track graphs you have. Now that’s the type of success I’d be glad to enjoy. So…..any suggestions?

I’ll forward the replacement blade assemblies as soon as I receive them.

Happy fruit munching.”

I’ll give you three guesses re: what I told him and the first two don’t count. He’s not anywhere close to Tennessee but influence can reach a long way. Here’s what I wrote back:

“I appreciate the replacement assemblies in advance. I’m glad I can count on you. I haven’t said anything about the problem on my blog or the forum. I’ll have more good L’Equip news to post.

You know what I’ll suggest. I’d never been able to take weight off and keep it off until I started eating the way I do now. And I am certainly not starving. Several of the people on my forum are enjoying the same success. It’s amazing. I weigh less and have tremendous amounts of energy. I’m going to be nosy, but how tall are you? And how much are you looking at losing? Do you have family members or friends who might try to discourage you from changing your lifestyle so radically? There are lots of things to consider. My next suggestion is for you to join the forum at Even if you don’t change your way of eating completely, it can be a huge help and encouragement. A warning, though–you’d be one of the few of the male gender on there.

Thanks for the good wishes! I ate half a large watermelon when I got home from work. I love being able to pig out with only good consequences!


This has gotten to be quite a long post but there was very little that happened today that I felt I could leave out. The only thing is of a personal nature that I wouldn’t share without express permission. Since it isn’t about me, I’ll let you wonder. If you are a praying person, though, pray that this situation will have a happy ending. The Lord knows and that’s what’s important.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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  1. Jennifer C. June 12, 2007 at 4:02 pm #

    Tommie, You have given this man a wonderful gift and I pray he accepts it! You are so generous sharing what you know with so many people. I want to thank you, as you have been instrumental in my raw journey as well.

  2. Tommie June 12, 2007 at 8:49 pm #

    I haven’t heard from him yet, Weenie. I hope so, too. He needs to be prepared to change a lot and he may not be ready yet. A lot of people need the same thing but there are few who have the nerve to try it.

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