I need to get to bed soon.

It was too late when I hit the hay last night and it could be the same tonight if I’m not careful.

I was up in time to get in most of my exercises but I sacrificed part of that to water my plants with the rest of the rainwater. I lined everything up to be prepared to catch some more and prayed it would come.


8 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies OJ/Ataulfo mango smoothie (YUMMY!)

24 ozzies banana/buttercrunch/splash of ACV smoothie
1 pickling cucumber
20 (I counted ’em) sugarsnap peas

1.5 quarts sorry watermelon (tasteless–I threw the rest away)
A medium salad of romaine, red onion, tomato, avocado, dressed with tomato/mango dressing

I was able to get out for my walk this morning. The air was muggy and a fine mist was falling. I thought my being outside might bring on the rain but it didn’t.

This afternoon, along about 3:15, the dark clouds started building up. We had a rip-roaring storm, complete with thunder and lightning plus the power went off a couple of times. First time took forever to get back on the computer system but the second was just a blip. Unfortunately, the rain had stopped by the time I was to leave.

I went by and paid my bill at the roadside market after work. The lady there said we’d gotten a good shower up here on the mountain.

When I got home, I saw that one bucket was full and the other one almost. Hopefully, I won’t have to use that to water anything before we get the next installment.

I had my teeth set for some good watermelon. When I cut it, it popped which was a good sign but it ended up meaning nothing whatsoever.

The salad mostly went on the compost pile, too. I can’t find any decent romaine. What I have is very tough and almost tasteless, like the watermelon. I picked out the tomato (not delicious either), avocado, and some of the onion, fished the romaine out, then ate the dressing by itself.

The storm knocked the power out here, too.

I’d gotten online and found an e-mail from my sister telling me when and where the reunion is tomorrow. CallWave had disappeared but when I restarted it, I found she’d tried to call me several times. I got offline and called her back. Such gyrations one has to go through on dialup. I told her I’d have to see if I could get someone to play the organ. If the other organist would ever check her e-mail, I could have sent her a message but I had to call her. To do that, I had to get back online, recharge my calling card, and then get back off to call. She agreed to play (she wasn’t happy about it but this is the first time I’ve asked her to play this year). She wished me a good time and a safe one.

So…I need to get my beauty sleep. I don’t know how I’ll work out the eating but I won’t worry about it tonight. I’ll have to have some kind of raw material, that’s for sure. 🙂

Happy Sabbath, everyone, and sleep well!

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