It’s past my bedtime.

Not a whole lot to report today, anyway.

Exercise–I did my BodyFlex, LSEs, crunches, leg lifts, then I cut to the pushup that I held for 72 seconds.


24 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

Almost a quart of cantaloupe (the rest of the luscious organic one)
2 large bananas, sliced, with 4 Ataulfo mangos, chunked, in a bowl

Whole cantaloupe smoothie (without the seeds and peeling) with a squirt of agave nectar
Half an avocado

It was HOT today. I got out and went three laps before it got too bad. That was it for the walking.

I talked up the CSA today and one employee joined and another is thinking seriously about it.

One of the Front Office staff sampled my cantaloupe and liked it so much she asked me to get her one.

I left work early to get my hair cut. I guess what I wanted was lost in translation but I ended up with the cut I wanted, anyway. The hairdresser fluffed it out in the back which is totally not me but it was kinda neat. A woman who used to work in my area came in with her daughter. The daughter was just a little girl back then but she’s taller than her mom now. Makes a person feel old. That was like eight years ago.

My fruit/veggie supplier called me and said she had some nice oranges. I needed to get the cantaloupe, anyway. I got a box of oranges and three cantaloupe–two for me and one for my co-worker. I’d used my last check I had with me at the beauty shop so I have unpaid for produce in my house.

The Tomato Man is back at his stand. I stopped to say hello and got some tomatoes. We had to talk about the topic that’s uppermost in everyone’s mind–the drought conditions.

If my hair hadn’t smelled so perfume-y, I would have left it the way it was but it was stifling. When I got home and got the car unloaded, I jumped in the shower and gave it a good go with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. The HD had used a curling iron on it. I hadn’t thought it was probably frying my hair but it does have more body. It was very easy to fix but that had a lot to do with the cut, I’m sure. She’s very talented with the scissors.

One of the forum members posted this link about burgers. Makes you wonder what on earth is in them. I looked around to see if it had been flagged as a hoax but it hasn’t. I’m so glad I have never eaten meat. It’s a lot easier to eat raw fruit and veggies since I was already on my way down that road. For me, eating raw food was a natural progression.

My sister is coming over for her annual high school reunion. I had thought I’d surprise her there but I couldn’t find any info on it. I finally told her what I’d planned to do. She didn’t volunteer the place, time, etc., so I take it she’d just as soon go it alone. We’ll meet later in the day. I really wouldn’t take a bunch of bananas in to the feast but she might be afraid I would.

Better get to bed. I did pretty well turning the light off at a reasonable hour two nights in a row. Good night!

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