It’s been a genuine Rest Day.

That’s what Sabbath is, right? A day of rest? It surely has been for me.

I turned the light off at 9:20 last night and didn’t get up until 7:50 am.


22 ozzies grapefruit juice (the grapefruit are larger on the outside but smaller on the inside, if you know what I mean) (there’s lots of pulp in the juice so it’s “chewy”)

32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (my only smoothie of the day)
5 tomato “chili”

A young coconut (the water was delish but I froze most of the meat)
2.5 quarts watermelon (the best one I’ve ever eaten except for my nephew’s) (he’s my next to the oldest sister’s oldest son)
A couple bites kim chee

3 cups Fred’s Mom’s Salad
Large salad of red leaf, romaine, cucumber, too much Vidalia onion, tomato dressed with the rest of Matt’s dip (I threw away the last few bites)
Coconut “bacon”

I got out in the “sun” twice today. It was very overcast but I think it was mostly smoke from the wildfires in South Georgia. I heard on the news yesterday that it’s drifted all the way up to Canada. We were promised rain but it never materialized. There’s a slight chance tonight and a 50% chance tomorrow. This morning, it was only 70 degrees with a light breeze blowing. It was almost too cool. It had warmed up by the afternoon. The Neighbor Cat came and stretched out on the walkway close to my lounge and snoozed.

My church consisted of listening to the discussion on health from PineKnoll. All week, I’d studied the lesson on health at SSNet. The discussion adds a different dimension. I found some nice music on the Dish, too.

I thought I’d caught up with the posts on the forum, but the last time I checked, people have been posting left and right. I think I’ll give it up and go to bed. I should have a couple hours ago.

Good night!

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