And now for an all raw food day today…

If you’re looking for yesterday, it’s in the post below this one.

It was close to midnight when I turned off the light. I’m getting bad about that. I was able to get up and navigate, anyway. I did my BodyFlex, my LSE’s, and then I jumped to my pushup. I don’t remember exactly how many seconds it was but it was over 60.


22 ozzies grapefruit juice

2 quarts watermelon

3 cups cantaloupe

2 quarts watermelon

3 cups cantaloupe

2 quarts watermelon

There was time for only one set of three laps and that was this morning.

The person who called me “Miss Fitness” yesterday is a smoker. I’ve been talking to her about quitting and she says she wants to. She’d come and gotten a banana this morning and I told her I’d supply her if she would eat one whenever she wants to smoke. She took several and said she’d try. Might be a new stop-smoking method!

Today was the last day for me to be the bank/post office person, for now. I’ll miss it in a way.

At lunch, I started out in the breakroom but it was too cool to be comfortable eating cold watermelon. When I went to the picnic table, there was a mist falling. The breeze was a little much so I finally went to the ambulance entrance and got under the overhang. I had to stand up to eat but they say you can swallow more that way.

I talked to my friend who got sprung from the rehab center yesterday. She said she’s in a “half-way house”. It’s halfway between rehab and Mexico. It won’t be long until she’ll be leaving but she’ll have the chance to get to church on the 9th and see everyone.

My tomato supplier called me this afternoon and said she is getting in some organic tomatoes, mangos, and red sweet peppers! They weren’t in when I went by on the way home. She called at 7:22 and left a message that they should be in about 8:30 or so. That’s pushing it too close to Sabbath. I e-mailed her that I’ll be up Sunday. I don’t know what time they open but they’re there in the afternoon, for sure.

While I was eating supper, it started raining. It rained in earnest for about half an hour. Not nearly enough but a start. Better than nothing. I went out and moved the buckets where the runoff from the roof would fill them and got semi-soaked. One bucket filled completely where most of it is concentrated and the other one got a little. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday, too. I’ll gladly give up my time in the sun for some much-needed rain. While it was coming down nicely, I sang the “Doxology” and heartily meant every word.

I hardly got on the forum yesterday so I have some catching up to do. Sabbath is a little over half an hour away (it’s 8:10 pm) but I’ll go ahead and wish everyone a happy one!

Good night! I’m not going to bed yet but I’ll be there soon.

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