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The day has died in the west.

Heaven is touching earth with rest. When I got up a little past 6:30, I planned to take my thyroid med and sleep some more. The best laid plans…I’m still awake. Reason I wasn’t going to stay up is because I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. I was coughing coughing coughing and I […]

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It’s another day gone

and I’ve spent it eating 100% raw food with no salt and no overt fat. Now that I’ve taken all the suspense out of my post today, I’ll proceed. I’m still coughing, though not as much. It took some doing to get through my exercises this morning. I had to stop and cough now and […]

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We got some rainfall today!

It was so exciting! It probably lasted for an hour or more. I didn’t time it so I can’t say for sure. I got up and did my vision therapy. Before I did it, though, I called and talked to one of the registrars and asked her to let the proper people know I wasn’t […]

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My stomach doesn’t feel good.

I’ve eaten too much too fast. One of my friends hadn’t been aware that the ISP we were on has quit offering dialup and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon walking her through setting up her dialer, e-mail, etc., and getting her on BasicISP. Actually, it’s faster than the other one was and […]

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It’s been an unusual day for me.

I got up close to on time after getting to bed at 10:30 last night. I only had time to BodyFlex and I did feel better after I completed that 20 minutes. Food: Breakfast 20 ozzies grapefruit juice 24 ozzies banana/red leaf/romaine/lemon juice/cinnamon/agave smoothie 23 Bing cherries Lunch 2.5 quarts watermelon (I think my tastebuds […]

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Last night was a nightmare.

I didn’t sleep well at all. The light went out at 9:30 but I was up and down all night. When I would drift off, I would dream strange dreams about clicking a link every time I coughed. I’d taken a Melatonin so I could, at least, relax. Several hours later, I took another one. […]

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I’m sick.

And right before my second 100% raw food anniversary. I know it’s because I’ve been pushing it and not getting enough sleep. My resistance is down and it’s all my fault. I’m going to stay home tomorrow. I don’t know that I’m contagious but I sure feel lousy at any rate. I’ve put the forum […]

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I won’t write nearly as much as I’d planned.

It’s past 10:30 and I need to get to guess what? Bed! Supprise, supprise, supprise, to quote Gomer Pyle. It was past 1 am when I got to sleep and that was with help from Melatonin. I overslept and got up too late to exercise. Food: Breakfast 20 ozzies grapefruit juice 24 ozzies banana/spinach/mint smoothie […]

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