Aggravation galore!

I got up in plenty of time to exercise but I had problems–again. My DVR has taken it upon itself to delete programs at will. It doesn’t matter if they are protected. It doesn’t matter if I stopped in the middle of watching something and intended to finish it later–it’s gone! At one time, I had quite a collection of programs that I was going to watch during the “off” season but I was down to two this morning. For the third time, I called Dish Network and this time I was told it would be replaced. It took long enough to do away with the time I’d planned to move my body. I usually watch something while I exercise but I did neither this morning.


24 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

28 ozzies banana/buttercrunch lettuce smoothie

1.5 quarts watermelon

1.5 quarts watermelon
2.5 quarts salad (green curly leaf, a little romaine, red leaf, Vidalia onion, tomato, dressed with tomato/mango dressing)
Half an avocado eaten out of the shell with a spoon

And now for a puzzle. FitDay says watermelon has fat. The USDA site says it doesn’t. If you click on the last link and go down the page to the section, “Hooray for Watermelon!” you can read it for yourself. The whole article is interesting.

When I got to work this morning, I was drafted to take the man who was gathering information about our copiers, faxes, and printers to most of the departments. It took about an hour and a half or more to make the rounds. I had my breakfast smoothie after I got back to my desk.

I was able to get out for a 15 minute walk after “breakfast”. I wasn’t so fortunate this afternoon. Only one person can go on break at a time (including me) and the evening shift person took her meal break. So I didn’t walk.

The cucumber situation isn’t good. I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere in town. I’ll be glad when My Farmer can harvest hers. I did get some nice-looking mangos for 59 cents each.

A few of my herbs are looking a little washed out. I mixed up some fish emulsion and watered them. It stinks and Twinkle was very interested. That reminds me. I need to feed her some of her raw food. The ants have been getting into her food bowl but I’ve solved the problem. I put her bowl in a large pie pan and poured water around it. If the ants get into her food, now, they’ll have to swim.

Better go take care of The Cat and hit the hay.

Good night!

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