Today was pretty but cool.

I still have the windows open but I’m considering closing them before I go to bed.

I got up in time to do BodyFlex and some of the rest of my routine. My pushup stopped at 63 seconds. I couldn’t hold it any longer.


26 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/romaine/squirt of agave/splash of ACV smoothie (delicious!)

Scant 30 ozzies banana/pear/spinach smoothie (really good and bright green)
3 Ataulfo mangos

3 quarts lettuce, half an avocado dressed with 2.5 cups of mango/tomato dressing
2 Campari tomatoes

I was able to get out and walk for 15 minutes this morning but there was too much going on this afternoon. The coolness plus the wind blowing kept me inside at lunch.

When I left work, I went through town and got a watermelon. I came on home, got a sweatshirt, fixed my salad and ate it as quickly as possible and headed back to the fairgrounds where the Relay for Life was just starting.

I donned a lei since the hospital/nursing home team had a Blue Hawaii theme going. The walking didn’t start for quite some time and I was rarin’ to go. First, the cancer survivors came around the track, then the teams did a couple of laps, and I was nominated to walk for the team first. I prevailed on someone to take a lap or two while I readied myself by going to the bathroom. When I got back, the walking started in earnest. When I walk, I don’t amble. I don’t stroll. I don’t sashay. I like the exercise so I exercise. I was passing people right and left and kept it up for close to 25 minutes when I had to leave to get home before dark.

I wore my Raw Food Lifestyle Going Bananas IT’S AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME! shirt but I couldn’t bring myself to take off the sweatshirt that was over it. I’ve had a fire going last night and tonight.

Once I got here, I noticed that the plants were looking a little parched. I got the coffee container the mint had been planted in and watered everything with rainwater from the last good shower. It was well after sundown when I came in for the night.

I almost forgot. I wrote my weight down this morning. I was at 123.2. Let’s hide and watch so we can see what it is tomorrow…

The clock is chiming 10. My signal to say Happy Sabbath and good night!

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