I had weird dreams last night.

I was at the home of my mother and step-father. If that wasn’t strange enough, I was eating raisin bran and noticed a worm sitting on one of the flakes. When I looked in the box, it had bugs in it. Appetizing! Then I got in the car and was trying to turn on the lights. They wouldn’t work. I drove into town without them and the police didn’t seem to think it was unusual at all. During this time, I kept thinking I was supposed to get up. I looked at the clock at least four times between midnight and 5 o’clock. The net result: when I finally got into a deep sleep, I overslept and got up too late to do my vision therapy.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie

32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
3 tomatoes with Tajin

The rest of the good watermelon (probably a quart)
A young coconut (I ate it all)
Kim chee
A large salad of green curly leaf, red leaf, oak leaf, black seeded simpson (reminded me I don’t care for oak leaf or BSS), red onion, cucumber, radishes, dressed with mango/tomato dressing. I didn’t eat all of it. I did eat most of it, though.
Half an avocado
16 ozzies OJ

It was cloudy and raining off and on today. I got a return call from the lady who has the CSA and she was able to get out and pick this morning. She took my preferences and told me where to go, for sure, to find her place.

I didn’t do any walking. I needed to since today wasn’t an exercise day.

Just minutes before I was supposed to leave work, an outpatient came in to be registered. The registrar on duty was in the ER so it fell to me to do it. Even though I was supposed to be out the door and on my way soon, I couldn’t leave a patient sitting so I took care of it. The one on duty got back to the office before it was completed and helped me by applying labels and making copies. I left the hospital at 4:10.

I made my way to the countryside and found the CSA with no problem. The Farmer Lady welcomed me into the house and showed me what she’d harvested that morning. I ended up with spinach, romaine, the forgoing lettuces, and radishes. It’s all beautiful, washed, and packaged. I’m hoping the leaf lettuces will be good in smoothies because I have a bag and a half of it left. We talked for awhile and she asked how long I’ve been eating raw food. I told her it will be two years next month. She wanted to know what improvements I’ve had. I numbered them off and gave her my card. I came on home and the rest of my day was as usual.

I’m ready to fly up and try to get some better rest tonight. I think it was the cashews that caused the extreme dreaming last night.

Good night, all!

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