It’s almost 11 again.

I’m going to make this short and get to bed ere long.

It was midnight again when I turned off the light. I slept well and got up not long after 6. I did the same exercises as I did yesterday except I put in 82 seconds on my pushup! Woohoo! I have bested myself! Now I have a new goal!


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
5 Ataulfo mangos, sliced in a soup mug

A young coconut (I froze at least half of the meat)
A huge piece of watermelon (I didn’t measure it to see how much)
1 regular mango (I don’t know what variety but it’s watery and stringy)
3 quarts salad (romaine, green curly, red leaf, red onion, Roma tomatoes, dressed with cashew dressing, too much sea salt)

I managed to get out twice to walk today. I’ll be walking for Relay for Life Friday afternoon so I’m in “training”. I’m terribly out of practice walking around the buildings. My muscles are a little sore and tight tonight.

The lady with the CSA was available today. We had a good talk. The $15 a week is only if I get a basket. The membership fee is to secure a spot. Right now, she has romaine, black seeded simpson, butterhead, oak leaf, spinach, and green onions. She said the spinach is about gone. It isn’t a good hot weather crop. She commented she eats a big salad almost every day. I told her I do, too, and I use greens in smoothies. She was curious about that so I gave her the ingredients of my breakfast smoothie. Her reaction was surprising. She said I probably couldn’t taste the spinach much and it sounded good! And that’s true. She didn’t seem totally unaware there are people out here who only eat raw food, either. I’ll go out tomorrow after work and meet her.

That’s about all that’s noteworthy I have to report tonight. I’m going to say good night and take myself to bed.

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