It’s been an interesting Sabbath.

I didn’t get up until almost 8 and did all of my studying except for listening to the discussion from PineKnoll. I got into posting on the forum and ran out of time to eat.


Scant 28 ozzies grapefruit juice

3 Campari tomatoes
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/mint smoothie

2.5 quarts watermelon
1 Campari tomato
Medium salad of romaine, green curly leaf, red onion, Roma tomatoes, dressed with blueberry dressing

I drank part of my grapefruit juice on the way to church. When I got there, I learned the pastor was sick and nothing in the bulletin was right as far as the songs, etc., was concerned. Fortunately, the Minute Man picked familiar hymns.

After church was over, I was headed for my car when a couple and their daughter stopped me to talk about eating raw. They are interested in doing it but they are still learning how. It should be such a simple thing to do but we are all brought up to think in terms of cooking. We have either cook stoves, kitchen ranges, or hot plates in the kitchen. Pots and pans fill the cabinets and almost everyone owns an electric skillet, a crock pot, and a wok. We cook breakfast, cook lunch, cook supper, bake cakes, cookies, bread, and potatoes. We steam, boil, and fry. And, in the process, the nutrition suffers. They were telling me about a couple of the things they’ve made that were raw that turned out well. I’ve asked them to give me the recipes so I can post them. Of course, I’ll have to try them first! 🙂

Last night, I’d picked out some movies, a gospel music video, and an assortment of Food Network shows I’d taped to take to my friend. After church, I stopped by the house, changed into blue jeans and my Raw Food Lifestyle Going Bananas shirt, ate the tomatoes, whizzed up the smoothie and put it in jars to take with me. I had the quart for me and about 8 ozzies for my friend. I headed out and was in the car ready to leave when I looked down and discovered I’d gotten green smoothie on my shirt. I groaned, came back in, sprayed it with peroxide mixed with water, scrubbed at it with a paper towel, and hoped for the best. I was on my way again.

I made a quick trip to the cemetery where nothing has changed. When I was almost there, it hit me I should have taken the greenery with me but I wasn’t going back home to get it.

There was a celebration going on in town I’d completely forgotten about. The road in was blocked by the police so I had to go ‘way out of the way to get around. I wound all over the place and finally got to the highway. Traffic was backed up there, too. Stop and start, crawl along. I was patient and made it through.

I hadn’t told my friend I was coming. She was in bed, asleep, when I got there. I put the things down on her table and the noise woke her up. I think she was glad to see me. I showed her the movies, etc., and she was thrilled to have something to watch besides travelogues. She could have cable but it’s so expensive she doesn’t want to spend the money. We had the blessing and drank our smoothies. She tried to tell me hers was good but she might have just been being nice. I think I could have done without the mint.

She had the clothes she’d saved for me and they are really nice. There’s one pair of crop pants that’s a little roomy but I brought them home. I might be able to take them up fairly easily. There are two dresses with jackets that are appropriate for church and a top I’ll be able to wear with one of the dresses. It’s a plain black one I can mix and match with either jacket. The dresses are both knee length which is nice, but I don’t know about wearing them to play the organ. I’ll have to try it and see. One of the dresses is an 8, the other a 10, but they work out okay because I’m bigger at the top than the bottom. All the clothes are clean and look brand new. I won’t have nearly as much to buy to have a nice wardrobe! I tried everything on in the bathroom and modeled each outfit for my friend. She loved it! She’s a real clothes horse and has to inspect what I’m wearing when I show up.

We talked and laughed for a little over three hours. When her supper came, I took my leave.

I was pretty hungry when I got home and plowed into the watermelon that was chilling in the fridge. It’s beautiful! Dark red, sweet, crisp, and delicious! It’s kind of bad to get one that good this early in the season. It will be my standard of comparison unless something better comes along.

When I was eating my salad, I anointed my Christmas present from the hospital (a t-shirt branded with the hospital name) from a few years ago with the blueberry dressing. I sprayed it with the peroxide/water mix and we’ll see if that does any good. BTW, the smoothie stain in my other shirt is gone.

It rained briefly while I was visiting but it didn’t look we’d gotten any here. I had caught some rainwater in a bucket so, just after dark, I got my watering can and watered everything outside except for the rosemary. According to WeatherBug, it’s supposed to be severe clear tomorrow with a high of 85. There’s no chance of rain until Wednesday.

The clock just struck 11. I need to be in bed but I’m not. I’ve been on the forum again. I may not be addicted to cooked food any more but I’m addicted to the forum. Good night!

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