I had two comments to moderate and they were both spam.

I hate spam. It is worse than useless. It’s a time-waster.

I didn’t sleep well last night. It was so hot and stuffy in the house I felt like I would suffocate. I finally got up and turned on the a/c for the first time this year. It helped but, by that time, it was too late to really get much quality sleep. It was past when I’m supposed to get up when I rolled out of bed. As a result, I did the part of BodyFlex that doesn’t require the GymBar and that was that. I’m putting the flannel pillowcases away until fall.


16 ozzies OJ (Valencia)
32 ozzies banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie

2 bananas eaten in the car
I took some dehydrated mango but I didn’t eat it.

Almost three quarts watermelon
Almost three quarts salad (green curly leaf, romaine, three Campari tomatoes, scant half an avocado, cucumber, red onion, dressed with three cups tomato/mango dressing (extra yummy))

Since I was leaving work at noon, I didn’t even try to get outside. I had lots of troubleshooting to do plus two days of registrations to audit and the schedule to set up for the next three weeks. I managed to get out as planned but it was close.

I stopped by the veggie place on top of the mountain and got some more romaine and green curly leaf lettuce. The truck was supposed to be there with tomatoes but it hadn’t made it yet. I told them to save me a box and I’d be back to get them this evening. They were eating their lunch of a choice of baloney or ham sandwiches. The man of the outfit asked me which I wanted him to fix me and I told him one of each.

Fortunately, I stopped by the house to leave the lettuces and discovered I’d left the a/c on. I’d failed to get my bags for groceries, too (a contribution to Going Green), so I grabbed them and left.

The cemetery where Mother is buried is right on the way to my shopping places if I take the shortcut and that’s what I did. Everything was mowed and looked nice. I’ve about decided to take the “plants” I have and stick them in the ground rather than try to make an arrangement. There’s no way to anchor it because the spikes disappeared with the other one. Besides, the little hump is beginning to get lower and it looks better. If I leave it alone, maybe it will wear away some more or sink, whichever.

My mangos were waiting for me at the Asian market. I asked if they had another box so I ended up with four instead of three. They had freeze-dried jackfruit. I got three bags. Still no freeze-dried durian. When the couple was helping me to load everything, the lady indicated that I should take the jackfruit in the car so I could eat it. I’d told her I had eaten ‘way too much of the freeze-dried mixed fruit before and she got a kick out of it. Their expansion is coming along nicely. It will probably be finished the next time I go in.

It was on to the organic grocery where I didn’t get nearly as much fresh stuff as usual. It was strange not to get parsley and cilantro and wish they had basil. I did look for dill but there wasn’t any. I’m enjoying being able to harvest my own herbs.

On a hunch, I went to the supermarket across from the Asian market and they had Campari tomatoes. And they aren’t refrigerated. The ones I got the last time were and that doesn’t help.

From there, it was to ALDI. After I got everything loaded, I decided I should put my co-worker’s Shiratake noodles in the car rather than having them in the trunk. I hadn’t realized the bag was ripped and when I took the cart back so I could get my quarter, I saw the bag was empty. I retraced my steps and there was no sign of them. I resigned myself to telling her I’d lost them when there they were in the car beside my seat next to the door. That was a relief!

I took the rejects back to the clothing store and got a refund. When I got to the car, it struck me that it wasn’t enough money. I went back and the clerk had failed to include the shoes.

I made it back to the veggie place and got the tomatoes before they closed. I also gave them a package of Camparis. They hadn’t known they existed until recently. After that, it was home, James, and don’t spare the horses.

It took awhile to get everything carried in and put away but I persevered. Once supper was over and the dishes done, I put in an appearance on the forum.

I checked my junk folder in my e-mail and there was a message from the lady that has the CSA close by. Here’s what it said: “The membership is $50 per year. A single basket (10-15lbs) is $15 per week. It contains an assortment of produce thats ready that week or we may customize according to your needs. I also sell individual items by the pound. Lettuce, spinach and green onions are ready now. Call me and we can set up a time for you to come by.” Sounds like a really good deal. They will have quite an assortment as the season goes on. There are 30 shares available and when word gets out, they’ll probably go quickly. And I plan to spread the word. That’s much closer than going to the organic market. Plus, it supports my local farmer. I shouldn’t have a lack of raw food.

It’s been a full day and I need to get some rest. I won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow but I want to get some things done, too. I won’t have to water the plants. There was a good storm tonight that did it for me.

Good night!

2 Responses to I had two comments to moderate and they were both spam.

  1. Valerie May 12, 2007 at 3:31 pm #

    Good for you, supporting local organic farmers. I look forward to reading about your baskets of goodies this summer.

  2. Tommie May 12, 2007 at 10:21 pm #

    It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Thanks to my daughter for finding it for me, I’ll be able to act on it.

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