It’s getting uncomfortably close to midnight.

I’ve been working on getting pictures uploaded to an image hosting site so I can get things back to the way they originally were. And here I am, up late again.

The only thing I had time for in the way of exercise was BodyFlex.


29 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

I forgot to take any greens to go in my smoothie so
2 cucumbers with a sprinkle of salt
32 ozzies banana/pear smoothie
2 mangos cut up

1 small watermelon
4 tomato salsa with cucumber and avocado
A medium salad of commercial romaine, marinated cucumber and red onion, tomato. I was about miserable and couldn’t finish it.

It was promising to be a rainy day. I didn’t take my shoes. Since I was scheduled to go to orientation, I didn’t have time to walk, anyway.

There isn’t a whole lot to tell about my day, otherwise, so this will have to suffice for tonight.

It’s beddy-bye for me!

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