Happy Sabbath to everyone!

Today should have been a week ago. Friday the 13th. It started out with my getting up too late to exercise.


29 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

36 ozzies banana/romaine/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie

2 Ataulfo mangos

Half a small watermelon
2 tomato/2 mango Fred’s Mom’s Salad
2/3 recipe gazpacho (I didn’t pull up the ingredients for it and I either put something in I shouldn’t or left out something I should)
Some freeze dried fruit (the jackfruit has gotten really hard)
A few pieces dehydrated pineapple

It was such a busy day I didn’t have time to get outside for anything, even lunch. E-mails were flying back and forth almost constantly and I met with a higher-up at one point at my request. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m not a happy camper. One thing’s sure, I don’t need to be stewing about it on Sabbath so I won’t. I did enough stewing today and I don’t cook!

Today is Damomma’s birthday and she’s missing her forum celebration. I’ve tried e-mailing her and it came back. If you read this, Momma, check in!

The fellow who said he was going to comment on my blog when he visited did visit but he didn’t say a word (obviously). I don’t know what he thought of it or if he looked at anything else. It doesn’t matter one way or the other.

I guess I did get outside for a few minutes. I had to get the numbers for the copiers and I walked between the hospital and the clinic. Big whoop.

The pastor called me again today and got the directions for getting to my blood work from December. He was impressed.

On the way home, I stopped and got a few (hopefully) juicy tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, a red sweet pepper, and little watermelons. When I got here, it was time to stop at the fridge and get some spinach. I used the last of the box this morning.

My sister e-mailed “if you don’t use shampoo or soap on your hair, what do you use? Just water?” I wrote back that yes, I use water and scrub or baking soda mixed with a little water at times. I was looking back at the soap topic on the forum and I have changed my hair and my body since the first post there. What started out as an experiment turned into habit.

Twenty-nine years ago tonight was the last night I was ever pregnant. Does that make me old when my youngest will be 29 tomorrow?

It got up to the predicted high of 75 today and is supposed to be 78 tomorrow. I plan to get some sun in the afternoon! Now that I’ve said it, watch it rain. 😕

Tomorrow, I’ll be able to sleep just a little later but I still need to get to bed soon. I’m calling it for this time. Good night!

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