I got up just about the same time this morning.

Difference was, I wasn’t going in to work and I had a little longer than usual before I had to leave.

I was able to get in the whole BodyFlex routine and part of the LSE’s.


26 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

6 smallish medium bananas

Pineapple, papaya (both dehydrated)
3 Ataulfo mangos
16 ozzies OJ
16 ozzies strawberries
4 tomatoes with Tajin
Kim chee

I got away from the house right at 9 am and made it to my destination a few minutes early. The seminar/workshop/whatever was very informative. I felt like I should have a degree in something when it was over. During the break, I went out in the sun for a few minutes. It was so nice, very warm with no wind. I could have happily stayed out there but I went back in. The seminar lasted an hour longer than it was supposed to.

I went into the mall for a few minutes and saw nothing I couldn’t do without. I left and went to the Asian market and got some seasoning I’d failed to get the other day. They had more mangos so I got a box of them, too. The proprietors were surprised and happy to see me. The part of the building next to them had been vacated so they have taken it, too, and are in the process of enlarging the store. The lady told me she’s trying to find freeze dried durian, too.

I headed on over to ALDI and got the strawberries, some lettuce, and half a box of grapefruit.

When I stopped at Wally World, I looked for the hair color that my friend in the nursing home wanted. I was able to locate it, which made for an interesting dilemma. I’d gotten the rest of the things I needed for the arrangement for Mother’s grave but it was either take care of the dead or go see the living. I chose the latter.

My friend was surprised and pleased to see me and very happy to get the hair color. I didn’t stay long since I had food in the car that needed to be refrigerated. I was there maybe a half hour. I was getting hungry, too, since I hadn’t eaten anything but bananas since breakfast and it was after 4 by then.

After the rehab center, I headed for home, stopping on the way to get gas. It cost me over $27 to fill my little Honda Civic. That hurts.

My first order of business was to eat. The kitchen was a disaster area so I hove to and got the dishes taken care of. It’s far from perfect but it’s better.

Oh, I forgot that I stopped at a nursery and bought a beautiful rosemary plant. It smells so good! I wanted more cilantro and basil but they didn’t have any.

I’ve spent some time on the forum. I’m glad I have such faithful members. There’s no way I can keep up. And Valerie is doing the moderating. It’s a nice little corner of the World Wide Web.

Tomorrow is another day. I need to go to bed before it gets here.

Nighty night!

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