This has not been a good raw food day.

It started out okay. I got in half an hour of exercise and ended with a 60 second pushup and some regular ones.


27.5 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

2 persimmons

1 pickling cucumber
32 ozzies plus banana/pear smoothie (I’d grabbed a bag of greens out of the fridge this morning. Turns out it was frisée and smelled like it was going bad. I chucked it in the trash.)

OJ/strawberry smoothie (It was 16 ozzies OJ and a quart of strawberries.)
8 ozzies OJ (Very rich. The oranges are spring navels and taste like what frozen condensed is made from. 😛 ) (I hope the taste grows on me.)
A small watermelon (Not the best I’ve had.)
3 tomatoes with Tajin
A couple pieces eggplant and some coconut bacon

Everything kind of fell apart from lunch on. The smoothie was okay but I was disappointed I didn’t have any greens to go in it. The tomatoes aren’t as good as I’d hoped, either. Tomorrow is another day.

I watched part of the program I’d recorded off PBS last night and the experts keep saying how hard it is to lose weight and it’s even harder to keep it off. I want to yell at them and tell them yes, it’s hard to lose if you are eating the way they’re eating and it’s hard to keep it off if you keep eating that way. A couple was going to have to learn to cook. The husband said, “I wish someone could hand me my lunch in a sack.” Someone could. It’s called FRUIT. He could eat all he’d want and still lose weight. I did and I still do. My weight loss has all but stopped but I’m a reasonable size, though I’m still overweight by some standards. I’m certainly not obese. The theory being presented on the program is: the body stores fat to keep from starving and it keeps doing it even though the person is far from starvation. Well, I maintain the person IS starving for good, nourishing food. Given that food and lots of it and the body’s need to store fat will go away. The experts want to make it difficult and it will stay that way until the message gets out there and people learn that getting healthy and slim isn’t that hard to do. It takes willpower, initially. After the willpower is liberally applied in large doses, it gets easier and easier until it’s just the way a person lives and eats. And now I’ll climb down off my soapbox. Oh, one more thing. The way people make it hard to eat raw food is by going back and forth from raw to cooked. It never gives the body a chance to adapt to 100% raw.

Today was windy enough to qualify as March a month late. I attempted to walk between the buildings but I gave up and went in a side door. I hadn’t taken my walking shoes and it’s just as well. The sun was shining and it would have been a lovely day except for the blustery wind. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 10 mph or less. We can hope…

I stopped and got my stuff from the roadside stand and showed the two ladies my tote. Everyone who sees it gets a kick out of the laced-up banana. It gets, at least, a smile, and more often a laugh.

I bought some romaine at the supermarket. It isn’t organic and it doesn’t look too lovely but it will fill the need for greens somewhat. I am going to have to take care of it before I go to bed so I’d better get to it.

Have a wonderful night’s sleep. I plan to soon, myself!

2 Responses to This has not been a good raw food day.

  1. Valerie April 19, 2007 at 3:55 pm #

    I agree, everytime you go back to eating rich, addictive foods you have to go through the withdrawals all over again when you start eating healthy. You just make it harder on yourself if you cheat a little here and there. It’s actually much easier to be inflexible. Low fat raw, no exceptions, no cheating.

  2. Tommie April 19, 2007 at 8:52 pm #

    After a person eats raw long enough, eating cooked can be a very bad experience. It was enough to make me say, “Never again!”

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