My mind is a blank.

I’m sitting here wondering what to write and nothing’s happening.

I went to bed late, got up close to on time, and did my exercises up to and including my one minute pushup.


28.5 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

40 ozzies banana/pear/red leaf lettuce smoothie (it was delicious)
3 C. Fred’s Mom’s Salad

A young coconut (just about the perfect young-ness)
A whole small watermelon
3 tomatoes with Tajin
Huge salad of romaine/green curly leaf/herb mix/chopped red onion/3 C. mango/tomato dressing
A persimmon
A few pieces of eggplant bacon

I was the mail/bank person today. I record that so, if I fail to put it down, I can refer back.

When I was eating lunch, the nurse who is so concerned about me and my health was just finishing up. She wanted to know how I was doing and if I’d had any blood work done. I told her to go to December 15 on this blog and see for herself. I don’t know if she will or not but I gave her a card with the date written on it and the address highlighted.

My shirt and tote came today. People got a kick out of Piotr’s picture. I may wear the shirt Friday. I plan to carry the tote tomorrow.

It was cool and windy out. I sat on the patio for about five minutes and got up and moved to the courtyard where it was still sunny but more sheltered. I stayed there for ten minutes.

I’d stopped by the store today and got some bananas. They were barely speckled and the cashier rang them up at full price. I asked if they should be reduced and she said no one had mentioned it to her. I told her I’d still take them. She showed them to another cashier who said to reduce them so I got bananas for 19 cents a lub that had formerly been 49 cents. It pays to ask questions.

The hour grows late and the bed is inviting.

I bid one and all a fond adieu!

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