Let’s see how fast I can get this done.

Well, I got sidetracked by my e-mail and it’s already past 10. I might’ve made it to bed on time otherwise.

I got up and did all of my exercises through the LSEs. I did a minute long pushup, too.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

A really juicy pear
What started out as a 40 ozzie banana/romaine/green curly leaf/red leaf lettuce smoothie but I had to keep adding water to it. It was solid with greens.
3 tomatoes with Tajin

A really young coconut
Half a small watermelon
2 persimmons
Kim chee
A huge salad with cashew dressing

It was TSH time so my blood was drawn. I don’t know why a TSH takes two vials but that’s what the tech ended up with. I got the report back and it was, I think, 3.12 which is within normal limits. Or at least normal limits for the equipment at the hospital. I’ve heard that anything above 3 is hypo. The doctor kept my prescription at the same strength, anyway.

I walked 15 minutes this morning and 15 this afternoon. I ate inside.

Since this is National Patient Access Week, I put up the banner and treated the staff to ice cream of their choice. When I walked into the place, I spied a sign advertising their wonderful smoothies. Being a curious sort, I asked about them and the woman gave me a rundown on what they are. They have a full half pound (8 ozzies) fresh fruit in concentrate. Now, I can’t understand how fresh fruit can get in concentrate but I didn’t question it. She gave me this little card giving the ingredients and nutrition information:

Ingredients Nutrition

Guess what? I didn’t get one. And you tell me. Does it look like it’s very nourishing? The only thing going for it is that it has Vitamin C and that’s from ascorbic acid.

I was the mail/bank person today. I got out at 3:30, went by the post office, and headed to where I could get some REAL food. I stopped at the roadside market and picked up several small watermelons and a dozen red sweet peppers for 75 cents each. I gave my neighbor two of them and froze the rest. In cutting them up, I found this inside one of them:


To me, it looks just like a little red embryo. I thought it was pretty cute, obviously. Oh, and it’s resting on my new cutting board.

It’s almost 11 and I haven’t gotten anything done very quickly tonight.

I’m going to bed, folks, and I hope all of us sleep as well as I plan to.

Nighty night and sweet dreams!

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