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It was another beautiful, hot day.

I was up before the alarm went off by just a few minutes. I did all of my exercises except for the HR and NT. I pooped out on the pushup after little more than half a minute. Embarrassing. Food: Breakfast 26 ozzies grapefruit juice 32 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie Lunch Lots […]

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Today was gorgeous, warm, and sunny!

It’s been beautiful! Sunshine all over the place! I woke when the alarm went off (it’s too much trouble to turn it off on the weekends) and was ready to get up and go to work when I realized it was Sunday and there was no need for me to be in a hurry. I […]

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Yesterday’s title has stirred up some curiosity.

That’ll have to wait for its place in the story. I did my BodyFlex yesterday and 100 squats. That’s all I had time for but I didn’t know about the exercise I would get later. Food: Breakfast 27 ozzies grapefruit juice 32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (four bananas, two mangos, and half a 9 ozzie bag […]

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I’ll make this short and sweet.

It’s almost 11 already. I was in bed by this time last night. BodyFlex was the only exercise I got in today. It was raining off and on plus things were busy at work so I didn’t get to walk. Food: Breakfast 26 ozzies OJ 32 ozzies banana/mango/green leaf/romaine smoothie Snack 1 pickling cucumber Lunch […]

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I don’t care what time I get to bed.

It has to be earlier than last night. I turned my light off a few minutes after midnight. I did do my vision therapy. I shaved two minutes, total off the whole thing. I was able to see just about as well with my left eye as my right. Food: Breakfast 28 ozzies OJ 40 […]

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There’s trouble in Raw Food Land.

I’ll get to the nuts and bolts of it shortly but I need to follow my self-imposed format. I got up almost on time and did lots of my exercises. I didn’t get to the NT or HR, though. Food: Breakfast 29 ozzies grapefruit juice A quart of banana/pear/red leaf lettuce smoothie Lunch 32 ozzies […]

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Another gorgeous day in Tennessee!

And I slept away a good portion of it. I didn’t get up until about 8:45. I did all of my exercises including the 70 second pushup, the NT and the HR. Food Brunch Some 14 ozzies strawberries 24 ozzies OJ Sometime in the afternoon A whole small watermelon (not bad but not the best […]

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