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I have got to get to bed soon.

I’ve been adding products to my storefront and it takes almost forever on dialup. Drat this dialup! I know it’s better than nothing but smoke signals would be about as quick. And I’d be getting exercise, too. Today was vision therapy day. I got it all in except I trimmed a couple of minutes off. […]

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Today was grocery shopping day.

I got up a little before 8 and did all of my exercises. I heard from two of my sisters about my blog today. One of them said, “Just wanted you to know that I look forward to your blog every morning. I would be disappointed if it were not there.” The other said, “Wanted […]

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It was almost midnight when I got to bed.

I can’t do that many nights in a row. Today was supposed to be vision therapy day but did it happen? NO! I was trying to get caught up on my lost sleep from last night. Here’s my food for the day: 16 ozzies grapefruit juice (my last two grapefruit) 2-32 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothies One […]

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