Here I am at almost 10 again!

I’ve been makin’ bacon again tonight. It’s even hotter in here with the dehydrator going but I’m still trying not to turn on the a/c. That coconut bacon is so easy to make and it’s tasty, too. I like it better when it’s still a little chewy so I won’t leave this next batch in quite so long. It’s kind of like the fake jerky I used to buy and not at all like this:

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I was up in time to do my vision therapy. I didn’t have time to wash any greens to take to work with me, though.

Food for today:

20 ozzies OJ
28 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

3 bananas
2 large tomatoes with Tajin
Half a pineapple with a small mango

Coconut bacon
40 ozzies “chili”
A large salad (romaine, red leaf lettuce, green curly leaf lettuce, herb salad, red onion, cucumber, tomato, avocado, dressed with lime juice)

It rained off and on today so I didn’t get any walking in.

Today was department head meeting day. It lasted well over an hour and it was cold in the room where we met. I thought I would freeze before I got out of there but, obviously, I didn’t.

I stopped and picked up another box of tomatoes and the one I tried to use for my salad was as mushy as the others. I’m going to see if she will take them back. I can blend only so many and they’d gone up $7 more than the last box.

When I got home, a young woman came over and wanted to know if the house next door is for rent. It’s news to me if it is. While we were talking the man came home and she went back over. Maybe I’ll be getting new neighbors. Who knows?

Guess I’d better feed Twinkle and get to bed.

Good night!

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