It’s 10 o’clock and I’ve been home about 1/2 hour.

I knew it would be a long day but I didn’t know it would be this long.

I was up early enough to get everything done that I needed to. Since it was Sabbath, I didn’t exercise.


Just shy of 28 ozzies grapefruit juice
28 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie (I drank it on the way down the mountain)
Fred’s Mom’s Salad (the mango was very stringy and not terribly good) (the tomato was mushy)
Three bananas
A little cole slaw

Today’s focus for Sabbath School, church, and an after-the-meal workshop was the science of music and its effect on the body. Very interesting. It did put me behind, though.

I came home and fixed stuff for a salad and lit out to see my friend in the rehab center, doing a drive-by of Mother’s grave on the way.

When I got to the center, my friend’s daughter and her family were there bringing her some things. We went for a tour of the building while the daughter and her husband finished putting things away. It’s a very nice facility and she seems to be as happy as she can be, under the circumstances.

The daughter and her family left and we took the salad stuff and her supper tray to the dining room and ate. We were the only ones in there except for one other resident who came wandering in. There was a little girl who was waiting for someone, I guess. She banged on the piano for a few minutes. Otherwise, it was deserted with the only other sound being that of dishes being washed.

I had my friend take what she wanted of the salad, which wasn’t much, and I attempted to eat the rest. I didn’t make it. Generally, I eat a lot of fruit before I eat a salad but I’d gotten too hungry and ate too fast and my stomach didn’t feel all that good after. I had cashew dressing on the salad and that didn’t help.

It was close to dark when I left and I discovered I’d failed to take the Sabbath School lesson book in to her so I went back. She was startled to see me again.

When I got almost into town, I decided I’d stop by Wally World and get the few things I needed. I found a basil plant that looked nice–actually three in a cup. I wanted some cilantro but they were out.

I swung by the other fridge, traded the spinach that was in it for the spinach I got tonight, grabbed some romaine and a coconut and came to the house.

It was too late to eat anything but I used poor judgment and had about 14 ozzies OJ. Not a good idea on top of the cashews. I’ll pay for it later. I was hungry which is symptomatic of a lack of fruit.

That’s been my day. Busy, with not enough to eat and too many calories from fat. How was yours?

Good night!

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