It’s going on 10 and I’m just starting to blog.

Of course, anyone can tell that. I’ve been readying food for the fellowship meal tomorrow and it’s taken awhile. I got an e-mail saying my cutting board has been mailed–yes, mailed–and, according to the web site, it should be delivered before May 24th or some such. I should hope! The e-mail has the estimated date as March 28. That’s better.

I got up as soon as the alarm went off this morning. No lying in bed for me. I’ve reset the alarm to go off right when I need to get up rather than giving me “snooze” time. I find I sleep better that last bit.

As it was, I only got in part of my exercises. I did do a whole minute pushup by cutting out a couple of things I usually do before it. And I had to cut out everything after.

Food for today:

Almost 28 ozzies grapefruit juice
40+ ozzies banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie
2 pickling cucumbers
I’d taken two mangos to eat but one was black inside so I had one chunked up in a bowl.
24 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie
A young coconut (it was just about right so I ate all the meat)
A quart of watermelonade
A pint of strawberries
About 20 ozzies of tomato juice with dill–not too bad but it needed something else
A few cashews

I walked a total of six laps today, three this morning and three in the afternoon. The helipad was deserted so I went over and did a better count and it’s much bigger than I thought it was. Still not big enough for my yurt but I wouldn’t want it there, anyway. I don’t remember how many squares of rebar it is.

There was no need to turn the heat on at the church. Someone had been there and had the air conditioners going and it was cold in there. It might have been a good idea to turn on the heat, after all. I set up the organ but I didn’t feel the urge to stay and play.

It’s 79.something over by the kitchen sink. I have the window in the dining room and the one in the utility room open. There was a dog barking out in the woods and Twinkle streaked across to see what was going on. I can only hope it isn’t after a skunk.

My offerings for tomorrow are mango salsa and cole slaw. I was going to make a strawberry pie but I didn’t realize I was so low on agave nectar. I may make a tiny version Sunday. We’ll see.

I looked on the church web site to see if the pictures from January were up yet but they aren’t. I was hoping to be able to find a picture of my friend who is in the nursing home. She called me today and let me know she wanted me to come see her tomorrow so I said I would. I asked her if there were anything she especially wanted and she said she’s missing salad. I’ll make enough for both of us and eat with her. That can be my “dessert” after lunch.

The strawberries I got today are very good. I’d had to be the mail and bank person so I got there fairly early and had my pick. I went ahead and paid for them plus an ear of corn and a pineapple and asked them to hold them there so I would have to carry them into the hospital and back out again. I should ask them if they are going to have mangos later. I don’t remember their having pineapple last year.

I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. The rehab place my friend is in is quite a bit farther than where she was before. According to google, it’s about 24 miles each way compared to something like nine each way to the other place.

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and happy Sabbath and a good night’s rest!

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