It’s right at 10 pm and I was going to be in bed by now!

Fat chance, huh?

I got up and had plenty of time to get ready to go. I tried calling my friend in the rehab center. This time, they didn’t try to be coy and pull HIPAA on me but they were in the middle of breakfast and asked me to call back later. I didn’t have time before I left for church.

Food for today:

22 ozzies OJ
Banana/romaine smoothie
Banana/raspberry/spinach smoothie
Kim chee (veggie and mung bean)
Half a small watermelon
Fred’s Mom’s Salad
Huge salad (romaine, tomato, grape tomatoes, cucumber, onion, dressed with cashew dressing) (I left the last few bites and didn’t eat all the dressing)

Church went over today but that was okay. It was very interesting. It was about the ministry of the church in shortwave radio. They had the cutest little emergency radio. It’s about the same price that I paid for my hand-cranked radio back in 1999 so I’d be prepared for Y2K. 🙂 Compared to the Kaito, mine is pretty big and clunky and has AM and FM. I only use it if the power goes off for an extended period of time but it comes in handy then.

When I got home, I called my friend for the third time. The person answering the phone said she would switch me to the nurses’ station and they had a cordless phone they could take to her. The woman at the nurses’ station said she’d have to have my friend call me back. Turns out the phone wouldn’t work so she called me back on the woman’s cell phone. She was pretty tired and hoped no one would come see her. She’s to start physical therapy Monday. We didn’t talk long since she wanted to rest and I needed to eat.

I’ve spent some time catching up on the forum today. We’re up to 110 members. It hit 100 on March 13. Moving right along.

Twinkle just decided my lap is the place to be. She’s kneading my leg in preparation for settling in for awhile and I’m about ready to get up and go to bed.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Sabbath and Saint Patrick’s Day! It was cold here–28 when I left the house and it didn’t feel a whole lot warmer when I got home. It’s 34 now. I’ll wear my down booties to bed tonight. I have a nice flannel pillowcase my raw food sister made for me for Christmas. They are calling me and I think I’ll answer. Good night!

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