It was almost midnight when I got to bed.

I can’t do that many nights in a row.

Today was supposed to be vision therapy day but did it happen? NO! I was trying to get caught up on my lost sleep from last night.

Here’s my food for the day:

16 ozzies grapefruit juice (my last two grapefruit)
2-32 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothies
One mango with two tomatoes, chopped up together. It would have been nice to have some onion and cilantro to go it with them. I was surprised that the mango was good to eat!
One banana, eaten alone while I was on the phone.
Half a small watermelon
Kim chee
Half an avocado

I had thought it was supposed to rain so I didn’t take my running shoes. The last time I walked laps in the shoes I was wearing today, I ended up with sore feet. I sunned for 15 minutes this morning and 15 this afternoon and ate lunch on the patio.

It’s amazing to watch the people go by. There are very few people in that town who could be considered slim and most of the big people walk like their feet hurt. I saw one person who is quite large that was moving along at a pretty good clip.

It was Wally World time today and I almost left the office five minutes early. The late shift registrar had gone to the ED to register a patient so I was by myself. Just as I was getting ready to get my things together, here came an outpatient. Before I could get the registration done, here came another one. By that time, the registrar was back up front but a call came in for her to go back to the ED so I had to finish up the first one and register the second one before I could leave. I got away about a half hour late.

I made it across the mountain in short order and stopped by Mother’s grave for a few minutes. No more moss is trying to take hold of the stone. It’s growing on the little mound instead. There were several graves with blooming daffodils. Mother loved daffodils. I should plant some this fall. They are blooming here and about to get past their prime. I have forsythia blooming, too, and picked a mixed bouquet for the dining table yesterday. I took pictures and I’ll try to get one on here when I have more time.

The groceries were bought and I headed home. When I got here, I called my friend who is recovering from surgery and she is doing well.

Everything is put away and all the dishes washed except for some jars that I’m not going to worry about at this point.

Piotr Bizior took the picture I used for the design for my Going Bananas line of T-shirts and other things I’m selling to support the forum. It’s going to take a lot of orders to make enough to pay expenses. I’m thinking I may have to raise prices a little just to break even. All Piotr asked was that I put a link to his profile on my store. Check out his work. He is amazing! He must have the heart of a raw foodist.

I’m going to bed. It took forever to navigate to the place to put the link in and I’m running out of steam. Good night!

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