Today was a 100% raw high fat day.

Since I’m going to start the Green Cleanse tomorrow, I had some fat to eat today.

I got up this morning and did all of my exercises but I’ll have to confess I didn’t do the full time on the NT & HR. I was pretty hungry and it was getting late in the morning so I ate.

Breakfast was a large amount of grapefruit juice. Then I had a young coconut. It was more mature than the one I had yesterday. After that, it was a bowl of peaches. They were fresh but not the best. Certainly not any that would qualify as good as summer. I put some ginger agave nectar on them and it helped. Then I had some kim chee. I checked on the bean sprout kim chee and rinsed the first batch and put it back with fresh brine. One of the mangos was ready to eat so I ate it. It wasn’t as good as the others have been. It would have passed for fairly excellent back in the winter.

My daughter called and we talked for just over an hour. I got in the bathtub for part of our visit. It was nice to lie there and soak. She told me about a site where I can get public domain photos. I found one that I want to use on t-shirts, totes, etc., and try branding the forum, too.

Speaking of the forum, there is a lot of avatar-changing going on. I’m currently searching for a picture that will best fit me. I wanted an ugly woman one but I found a young girl in a crown that’s just me all over! You’ll have to check it out.

After the visit, I made a four banana/mango/full bag of spinach smoothie. It was about a quart and a half. Then I had about that much gazpacho with a little avocado in it. Oh, between the two, I did in my last coconut. It was the most mature of the three. To end my day of eating, I had a durian pod. it was good but it still didn’t measure up to my first experience. But that was my food for the day.

Tomorrow is back to work. The weekend goes too quickly. I had planned to go to Wally World today but I need a day every now and then when I don’t live in the car for part of it. I’ll go tomorrow afternoon.

Have a good night’s sleep, everyone!

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