I’ve sort of taken a break tonight. It’s been nice.

I didn’t get on the forum until just a little while ago. And now I have just a little while left to blog.

Let’s see. Sabbath morning, I got up after a less than satisfactory night. Breakfast was grapefruit juice, OJ, and a strawberry/OJ smoothie. I didn’t get the last two down before I had to leave for the church so I poured them both into a container together and took it with me.

My son had warned me to take plenty to eat so I made the best Fred’s Mom’s Salad that I’ve had so far and grabbed three or four bananas (I’ve slept since then).

I got to the church and there was my other DIL and my five year old granddaughter walking across the parking lot. We were all surprised. I told my DIL that I’d come to the kids’ Sabbath School when I could get away.

I went inside in time to hear my son leading the singing. It was evident that something embarrassing had happened but I missed it.

My granddaughter had parts in both Sabbath School and church with her group. I got glimpses of her once in awhile.

As soon as I could, I went out to go the class where my other granddaughter was. I saw my niece and her daughter in the foyer and we had a nice reunion. She exclaimed over how good my color was and how good I looked. I told her to advertise it because I was hearing that I was too thin, gaunt, and looked anorexic. She wanted to know how much I weigh and I said 116-119 depending on what I ate the day before. Her daughter (my great-niece) is tall as I am. She’s going to be all grown up before we know it. We walked down to my granddaughter’s Sabbath School and I watched while she participated.

After church, we got to the gym and it was wall to wall tables filled with people. There was lots of food and 99% of it was cooked. And 99% of the cooked was starch or high protein in various shades of white to brown. The only raw food were two or three platters of veggies–celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers. I went through line and got some of it to have after I ate the food I’d taken.

I think people are getting used to my odd ways but there was one woman who approached me and asked if I’m on a special diet. I told her yes. She wanted to know why. I told her I didn’t want to spend my retirement years in hospitals and doctors’ offices like so many do. She didn’t seem too impressed. When I told her that I weighed close to 190 pounds two years ago, she did a double take. And I may have lied to her. I think, at one point, I was more than that but I wouldn’t know because I wouldn’t weigh. I didn’t want to know. She started trying to defend the way she and her family eat and that’s fine. She said they eat lots of salads. The old salad syndrome again. That’s what people always think of as eating raw. I’d soon be skinny as a fence post if that’s all I ate. I gave her my card. When I was talking about buying as much organic as I can, she kind of snorted and dismissed it as being overpriced. To each her own. It’s been proven to have more nutrition so I’ll keep buying it if I can afford it. She figures that God can make up any lack they may have by eating inferior food. That’s no doubt true but, if I’m going to put something in my body, I’m not going to skimp. After all, it is the Temple. There are some things I have to buy that are commercial but I especially try to get organic greens. She didn’t look too healthy so the lack must not have been made up yet.

I’d grabbed the house keys on the way out. When the crowd had thinned out I took my leave.

While I had the house to myself, I decided I would blend up some cashew dip. I couldn’t do Matt’s recipe because I didn’t have any basil. The family came in before I got it all done. I stowed it in the fridge for later. I didn’t know how much later it was going to be.

I made a banana/blueberry smoothie and drank it. I tried to get my son to try it because he’s wanted to for a long time but he claimed he was still too full. That could be a fact because he had eaten about three plates full of food. I put it in the fridge for him for later.

It was time for the lock-in so my son and DIL took the Pathfinder to turn her over for the night. While they were gone, I had some Spinach Soup. I ate it while I watch Carol Burnett.

I was going to have some broccoli, cauliflower, and dip but I was too full so I didn’t.

Since my granddaughter was gone, I was supposed to sleep in her bed. The advantage of doing that was the privacy. The couch is more comfortable. My waterbed is the MOST comfortable.

I was in bed asleep when the couple got home from their date. They’d taken advantage of the situation and they ate at the Macaroni Grill.

That’s as far as I’m going tonight. Sleep well, everyone!

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