It’s warmed up even more. Nice.

It was up to 57 here and 60 in town. It still felt cool, though, because it was cloudy.

I did all my exercises except for the HR and NT. Breakfast was 28 ozzies of OJ. I made a banana/red leaf/green curly leaf smoothie to drink at work. One of the forum members wanted to know how I store it there. When I take a smoothie to work with me, it’s part of my breakfast. I haven’t ever tried to keep a smoothie for later. The vitamins wilt away and die if it sets too long, even in the fridge. I need all the nutrition I can get so I drink ’em fresh.

The pastor called to see if I could help one of the older members with a problem so I went to do that and didn’t get in my snack but that’s okay. I lived and did well without it. It was a couple of small kiwifruit. They are still in my awesome tote.

Lunch was a repeat of this morning’s smoothie and two mangos. I had the mangos sliced in a bowl. WOOHOO! I’m going to have to make a mango run soon. I’m down to eight.

When I got home, I snagged a coconut. It had sweated so I turned the fridge back on. The temperature was up to 40 in it which is okay but the coconut doesn’t need to be moist.

I came in and had a coconut (a different one that I already had in the fridge in the house) and a big bowl of Spinach Soup. And now I’m going to bed.

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