I should have had this done long ago.

I’ve been posting on Raw Food Lifestyle and not tendin’ to my knittin’.

I was able to get in all of my exercises except for the NT & HR. I had about 20 ozzies of OJ. I took a banana/mango/spinach smoothie to work with me. While I was drinking it, my friend from the nursing home called me and we had a good visit. She’s all hyped up about going to visit her daughter when she gets well and strong.

My snack was three Clementines. I didn’t get any more yesterday. They are getting to be more rare and expensive.

Lunch was a banana/pear/LOTS of romaine smoothie and a mango chunked up in a soup mug. Lots better than soup!

I had to fill in for the bank and post office so I got away from the hospital a little earlier than usual.

When I got home, I had my copy of The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. D. in the mailbox. I haven’t sat down and really read it yet but I’ve flipped through it. It looks like it’s very comprehensive with menus for each season. The only gripe I have with it, so far, is the statement that man ate raw for 10,000,000 years. Now, according to my Bible, God created the earth and, if you do the math, man hasn’t been around more than a few thousand years to do anything, let alone eat raw food. He says that cooking didn’t come in until about 10,000 years ago. I don’t see where he got that, either. Statements such as that could have easily been left out and it would be more convincing for me. Sorta like so much of the profanity in movies. Leave it out and the movie could be as good or better than the original. Actually, when it comes right down to it, Adam and Eve were the first raw foodists and they lived something like 6,000 years ago. I’ll read the book and I’m sure I’ll benefit from it.

I had some kim chee when I got inside and then I got busy and cleaned up the dishes. I didn’t want to have them staring at me when I get up in the morning.

Next on the menu was some tomatoes with Tajin. I’d been wanting a good salad. I got out a head of romaine from the organic market, washed it, and made my salad. It was rather small so I put a tomato with it, plus a little finely chopped onion. I dressed the whole thing with tomato/mango dressing. It took forever to eat it! Talk about tough! That romaine was very mature. I’ve gotten such good romaine there that this is very disappointing. Maybe it’s the time of year. Seems the romaine got a little less than wonderful last winter, too.

I never did get around to eating a young coconut. There’s always tomorrow.

Better go get ready for bed or this will be me in the morning ➡ Good night!

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  1. Opal February 13, 2007 at 1:23 pm #

    I ordered my book this past Friday. I should be receiving it sometime this week although I don’t see myself eating as much fruit as Dr. Graham recommends, for myself, I do agree with some of his views.

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