I’ve eaten ‘way too many nuts today.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The morning started off okay with 42 ozzies of OJ. I got out a bunch of oranges (or would that be a herd?) and cut them all so there was nothing to do but juice them. I couldn’t very well save them for later.

I didn’t have time to fix a smoothie. Today was fellowship meal day so I spent what time I had fixing for that. I made my version of Mock Salmon Pate and took three tomatoes and romaine lettuce leaves. I also took stuff to make sure I had enough to eat.

The trucker had gone to get my friend from the nursing home and it was so nice to look up and see her there as part of the congregation. He said he’d never seen anyone as happy to come to church.

The pastor quoted Deuteronomy 31:6 at the beginning of his talk. That was a verse that helped me through some hard times back when my daughter and I were left alone. I was homeschooling her in the first grade and that was part of the assignment for her Bible class. The verse was set to very militaristic music and we would sing it at the top of our lungs. It would pick me up whenever I was down. I still sing it now and then.

I got my contributions to the lunch all fixed and then turned to fixing my own. I had Fred’s Mom’s Salad (also on the recipe page) and three bananas. When I brought my plate to the table, there were remarks about how good it looked and they hadn’t seen THAT on the table. I said it was because I’d fixed it for me. I didn’t offer to share it and no one asked. Since they were enjoying their cooked preparations, I didn’t feel obligated to. The woman sitting next to me wanted to know if I was eating raw food. Well, yes! She asked how long I’ve been eating that way and I told her more than a year and a half. Someone had said, earlier, that she knew I’d started eating that way for health, but why was I continuing? I said it was because I like it! Anyway, the woman at the table wanted to know if I was going to start eating normal food. I indicated what I had on my plate and said, “This IS normal food.” I asked her why I would want to go back to eating less nourishing food and she acted like she didn’t quite know what to say. She asked me if everything is okay when I go to see the doctor. I assured her it is. She said, “I was wondering since you don’t eat vegetables.” I hadn’t said I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t know where she got that. She asked me who started the raw food diet. I guess I should have said, “God” but I didn’t. I said, “Adam and Eve.” She was a little nonplussed. I told her that people had been eating raw for a long time. It’s just coming back into the mainstream. Her husband is on medication that prevents his eating a lot of the foods he loves, and most of them are fruit and veggies. I’d rather eat the fruit and veggies which prevent the need for medication. They finally quit quizzing me and I ate. I had everything I’d taken except I gave half of one banana away. Plus I ate some of the romaine with pate. I gave away what was left.

I offered to take my friend back to the nursing home but I came in a distant second to a handsome trucker.

When I got home, I had some kim chee. I’d brought home some of the tomato wedges. I put a couple of tomatoes with them and made Spinach Soup. Then I fixed a salad and had it with cashew dressing. So…that’s where too many nuts came from.

Tomorrow, I have to go pick up my young coconut and make the rounds of the supermarkets. It looks as though it will be severe clear.

I’m going to go on to bed. I have good tires now but I still have to do the driving.

Good night!

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