No exercise again today to “earn” my raw food!

Dr. D. teaches that the food one eats should be “earned” by exercise. I haven’t earned any of mine since Sunday except for the eyes. Pretty sad, huh? I got up this morning and was going to stay up but I was feeling desperate for more sleep so I crawled back in and stayed there as long as possible.

Breakfast was 22 ozzies of OJ. I fixed a banana/spinach smoothie to take to work.

It has been unrelentingly cold for, seemingly, forever. I can’t make myself walk in weather like this. On top of the cold, the wind was blowing briskly. The wuss in me couldn’t handle it.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was a banana smoothie that I drank at my desk and Fred’s Mom’s Salad that I ate in the breakroom with people looking on with admiration and longing. Well, admiration, anyway. Several said it looked good. It tasted good, too, except the onion was too strong. I hadn’t put much but it was plenty and more than it needed.

My oldest called today and wanted to know how it feels to be 63. I told him it wasn’t any different than 62. I’ve been 63 for two days now, and I was 62 for a whole year. It may take awhile to make itself known.

I accosted one of the Exercise people and asked her why she quit. She made several excuses but it boiled down to she didn’t want to do it any more. I think. It was so handy for me to join in if I hadn’t gotten my exercising done in the morning. I didn’t go many times because of the staffing situation while I had one out but we are back to normal now and I could do it more times than not.

Mid-afternoon, I had grapefruit juice.

On the way home, I stopped at the supermarket and got some bananas and mangos. I’ve let myself run out of ripe bananas and I preach to other people not to do that. I put a bunch on top of the fridge in the hope that it will hurry them up. I know the apple in a paper bag trick but that only ripens the outside and not all the way through. When I got to the checkout, it was a new person. I told her, “I can tell you are someone who handles fruit nicely.” She smiled really big and you have never seen anyone be as tender and loving with the produce as she was. She was telling me that her daughter can’t even touch a kiwi without having a severe allergic reaction. I’d be up a creek if I were allergic to fruit!

It was on up the mountain and I was unloaded and ready to eat in a jiffy. First, I had the other half watermelon. Second was a halfway mature young coconut. A lot of the meat is in the freezer. Then it was kim chee time. I had three tomatoes, corn, and onion powder with sea salt. There are people on the forum counseling me to kick the habit and it has been tasting extra salty.

I hadn’t had enough greens today. Since the ripe bananas are nowhere to be found, I fixed a pear/romaine smoothie and it’s decent. Not my favorite but not bad.

It’s almost 10 and I’ve reported about all there is to report. I’ll bid you all good night!

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