I’ve finished eating, the dishes are done, and here I am.

I’m taking my own advice and am going to blog first.

Even though I was in bed by 10:39 last night, I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning. I was shocked! Needless to say, I didn’t waste any time getting out of bed.

Also needless to say, I didn’t have time to exercise. Breakfast was 20 ozzies of OJ. I took a banana/spinach/rest of the soaked raisins smoothie to work with me. The raisins added a nice touch.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and a pear with the ginger agave sauce.

I think the ladies’ exercise time has gone down the tubes. I’ve quit taking my running shoes with me. Time was, if I missed my morning exercise, I could get half an hour in the afternoon if I could squeeze it in but no more. Too bad.

Mid-afternoon, I had two juiced grapefruit. Oh! it was good!

I stopped on the way home and got a few things at the supermarket. I’ve been wanting some gazpacho but I didn’t have enough cucumber at home. I picked out the smallest one, circumference-wise, I could find. I don’t know why growers think big is better when it comes to cucumbers. I got three mangos, too. The girl at the checkout was surprised to see green ones. She said she’d never seen any that color. I told her that mangos can be all sorts of colors but none of them indicate how ripe it can be. Amazing that mangos can vary so much.

The coconut needed to come in the house so I got them and put them in my Awesome tote. I need to make some other designs but I’ll have to have more hours in the day to do it.

I brought all of my stuff out of the car and got ready to eat. First, I had some kim chee. Next, I killed a coconut. For a wonder, it wasn’t frozen. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it was decent. Then I had four ozzies of fresh blueberries. As I’d said, I wanted some gazpacho so I hove to and made it. It was delicious!

Last night, after I blogged, I took the plunge and ordered The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham off his Food ‘n Sport site. I was hoping that there would be an option to pay with PayPal. Turns out it’s the only option! So now I have something to look forward to landing in my mailbox! Dr. D. has been perfecting his raw food diet for something like 25 years so I’d say he’s an expert.

That’s it for the last 24 hours. And now I’ll say goodnight and check out the forum.

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