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Oh, the heartbreak of it all!

I’ll get to that later. Right now, I’ll say I overslept and didn’t do my vision therapy. Neither did I do any other kind of exercising. Breakfast was taken with me. I drank my grapefruit juice on the way to work and had my OJ at my desk. I didn’t have time to wash any […]

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I’ve had to rig myself a footstool.

Yesterday, I discovered some varicose veins on the back of my left knee. I have a very bad habit of crossing my ankles and pulling my feet back under my chair when I’m sitting here at the computer so I got a lid from a tomato box and have my feet propped on it. It […]

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Didn’t anybody miss me and my average days?

Here I am, back home again, still on dialup. I hate to even think the word, say it, or write it. Guess it’s better than nothing at all but it’s close to being less than nothing sometimes when the bandwidth goes down and I have to disconnect, wait a minute, and reconnect. I’m not going […]

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It got up to 61 where I work today!

I only had time to BodyFlex. I slept last night! And on into the morning… Breakfast was 16+ ozzies of grapefruit juice and some 24 ozzies of OJ. I made a three banana/two pear/lots of red leaf and green curly leaf smoothie and drank it when I got to the hospital. Today was the day […]

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This is going to be short.

I’m about to fall over asleep. I don’t know what was up last night except it was me. I went to bed not too late and was prepared to have a good night. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t sleep. I was relaxed, not wired, but I just couldn’t drift off. I finally took a […]

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It’s warmed up even more. Nice.

It was up to 57 here and 60 in town. It still felt cool, though, because it was cloudy. I did all my exercises except for the HR and NT. Breakfast was 28 ozzies of OJ. I made a banana/red leaf/green curly leaf smoothie to drink at work. One of the forum members wanted to […]

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I’m rolling right along!

It’s just after 9 and I’m already blogging! I’m amazing myself. I got up and went to the bathroom (surprise!). The surprise was mine and not a pleasant one. When I flushed, I realized that the cold weather had finally gotten to the septic tank line. In spite of the insulation my brother-in-law had put […]

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