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Raw Food Lifestyle lives!

I am indebted to my SIL and the support people for getting the forum restored this afternoon. I was in front of the TV, drinking a smoothie, when CallWave alerted me. When I came in to look at the computer, there was also a message on gmail chat and an e-mail letting me know it […]

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This is an update on several things.

I know I don’t usually do this in the daytime but I’m so distracted by the forum problem that I can’t concentrate on much of anything else. All I can do now is wait and I’m not good at doing that. Even when I’m listening to the Sabbath School lesson discussion on PineKnoll, I have […]

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Please, please! Don’t let it be true!

I have killed the forum. I was trying to fix something I’d messed up and I have wiped it out, I’m afraid. I’ve sent out an SOS for my SIL and he’s trying to help me but it may be just about starting completely over from the beginning. I’m sick. Literally sick at my stomach. […]

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It’s going on 11 o’clock.

I was in bed at 9:03 last night. At 9:07 I noticed I’d left the light on outside and had to get up and turn it off. All of my water and OJ kept me awake a lot, running to the bathroom. Guess I won’t do that again for awhile. I got up and did […]

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I may not have time to post about two days tonight.

It’s already past 10 so I won’t even try for two days. I got up yesterday and didn’t have time to exercise. I figured I’d wear my running shoes and join the Ladies again. Breakfast was OJ (20+ ozzies) and a four banana/two huge pears/romaine smoothie. The weather was unpleasant AGAIN. Lunch was three bananas […]

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