I’ve really messed up today. Not in a raw food way.

I was asked to take the mail to the post office. I got it all together, put it in the car, left at the appointed time, and sailed right by the turnoff. I was zoned into getting to Wal*Mart and then home and didn’t even think about it until I looked down at the passenger’s seat and there it was. Tomorrow, I’ll leave early for work and drop it on the way and then it will be time for True Confessions.

Since it was almost midnight when I got to bed last night, I didn’t even try to get up in time to exercise. It’s after 11 now so I’m going to have to hurry so I can hang it up soon.

Breakfast was OJ and a four banana/spinach smoothie. I drank it all before I got to the hospital.

My “snack” was about 16 ozzies of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice from my 25 cents each grapefruit. It was luscious! I’ll have to stop and get some more when I get down that way.

It was super busy today. I did get to eat lunch, though. It was a four banana/lots of romaine smoothie. It was the best one I’ve had for a long time. The romaine is dark green and sweet.

I didn’t get to exercise this afternoon. I didn’t even try. There was no way. I was down to one registrar at that time and, as long as I’m working, I don’t leave any of them by themselves.

Then there was the ill-fated not trip to the post office. On the way down the mountain, I stopped by Mother’s grave.

When I was in Wal*Mart, I had to ask several questions in the Produce department and didn’t get any satisfactory answers except for the price of Clementines. They were $5 a crate which is very reasonable. I got one for me and one for my friend in the nursing home. As I was checking out, there was a beautiful young woman with a couple of friends behind me. She said, “You must be going to cook up a storm!” I told her I don’t cook at all and gave her my card. She said, “You mean you don’t eat anything that’s cooked?” I told her that was right. She wanted to know if I thought it was the best diet and I simply said, “Yes!”

I stopped at the second fridge and got some persimmons and young coconut. I was, as one of my nieces spelled it one time, about s-t-r-a-v-e-d. I had the persimmons, then a Y.C. It was very young and good. Then I had some mung bean sprout kim chee and it is really good! I’ll have to do a repeat of that. It’s the easiest kind, too. I was going to have a salad but it was getting late so I just had four tomatoes with Tajin and a smallish avocado.

I got a sad phone call this evening. The mother of someone who is close to me died this afternoon. She is resting now, sleeping a very deep sleep.

I’ve been busy posting on the forum. We’re up to 63 members (including the three not yet approved under 13 ones) and there are 2,170 posts in 120 topics. Lots of reading there! Not all of it is visible to the public. You have to join and sign in to be able to read the rest.

I’m going to go to bed. I must be looking haggard from the lack of sleep. A man told me today that he’d be 66 soon and I couldn’t be much older than that. I told him, as a matter of fact, that I’m not as old as he is. He wanted to know how old I am so I took a page from my mother’s book and said that wasn’t a question you ask a lady. In case you don’t know, that picture was taken on her 99th birthday.

Good night!

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