If I were eating my former diet and not raw food…

I would be laid out in a coma tonight. It has been one more day. Tuesdays are usually busy, anyway, but with one person short it was busier than a typical one. We made it through, though, and I still have energy to spare.

An amazing thing happened last night. I was in bed shortly after 9:30 and I slept until almost 6 (not counting the trips to the bathroom).

I only had time to do my BodyFlex this morning. Breakfast was 16 ozzies of OJ. I blended up three large bananas with some spinach to take to work with me.

I’d gotten word yesterday that my blender replacement parts would be here today but they were coming to the house so I carted my pitcher to work yet again. I don’t remember if I’ve gone into my blender problem on here. I won’t repeat it since I’ve posted it on the forum and you can click here and read all about it.

I had a Clementine almost peeled when another wave of outpatients came in. It was almost lunchtime when I got to eat the three I’d taken with me.

Lunch was a three banana/green curly leaf lettuce. Later on, I had a size 40 orange. It was good but I still say it doesn’t have the flavor of the 64s.

It was too busy for me to go over and exercise with the ladies. I’d forgotten to take my shoes, anyway.

I came straight home–well, not STRAIGHT home. I stopped at the second fridge and snagged three persimmons. I had a little problem getting in the door since the package from L’Equip had been left on the steps. It was a nice problem to have. 🙂

When I got in and unpacked, I washed everything and killed a coconut. It was a nice young one and I drank all the water and ate all the meat. Then I took one of the new pitchers and fixed persimmon pudding with the three persimmons. I ate fewer bananas earlier today so I could have another green smoothie this afternoon and still not overdo it. I had a three large banana/the rest of the head of curly green lettuce smoothie. And that’s it for food.

Well, folks, I am hoping to match or beat my last night’s bedtime. Good night!

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