The sink is full of dishes but I’m ignoring them.

I’m not going to stay up to wash them tonight. It’s Sabbath and I’m going to exercise my God-given right not to work during the 24 hours that are set aside for REST. Things aren’t as shipshape as I’d like them to be but they aren’t life-threatening, either.

Let’s see…yesterday I got up and did about 20 minutes of exercises. I’d had to pry myself out of bed because (of course) I got to bed late the night before.

Breakfast was grapefruit juice. I think it was something like 24 ozzies. I had a banana/spinach smoothie.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was a banana/lots of romaine smoothie and persimmon pudding.

It got really busy in the afternoon and I didn’t get to go Walk away the Pounds with the ladies.

When I got home, I had a young coconut (rather mature so I didn’t eat much of the meat–I’m getting a supply of LOTS of coconut in my freezer), kim chee, tomatoes with Tajin, and a salad of romaine, mixed herb-type greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion (I picked that out. It was too hot.), dressed with cashew dressing. I couldn’t eat all of it. I must’ve had something else before I ate it because I can normally down a large salad with no problem. Anyway, I ate a few cashews by themselves.

The napa cabbage was needing to be used so I washed it and cut it up for the next batch of kim chee. I sliced and diced the veggies to be mixed in this morning.

It was late AGAIN when I got to bed. Probably 11 o’clock. I’m going to be in bed earlier than that tonight!

Once again, I dragged myself out of bed. I’m not tired. I need sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. Plus, I think the cashews gave me a headache. Or maybe it was the garlic. It was awfully strong. By the time I’d exercised for about half an hour and drank the juice of the last six oranges, it was gone.

I mixed the kim chee and got it ready to do its thing.

I made my banana/spinach smoothie and took it to work. It wasn’t delicious and I know it was the bananas because the one yesterday was good. I have four of those bananas left and I may let the compost pile have them. It’s hard to find a bad banana but I think I did.

One of the registrars had a family emergency and had to leave work mid-morning. The position for a PRN person is posted but the other registrar and I had to make do. It would take at least two months to train anyone in and there haven’t been any serious nibbles yet.

My snack was three Clementines but I gave one of them to the registrar that was left so I ended up with two.

Lunch was three kiwifruit and four large bananas. My doctor was in the breakroom and was concerned that I wasn’t getting enough protein. He said, “What is your protein and albumin level?” Well, I don’t know. I asked him if he wanted to write an order for lab work. He did, and put “fatigue” as the diagnosis. Now, I’m not fatigued. One of the Lunch Bunch said, “You’re PALE!” Well, I don’t wear makeup and I’ll bet you a dollar she looks like a ghost when she takes hers off. And I’m not able to get in the sun much these days. Anyway, when I looked at the order, it was for what I’d had done last month. I looked it up and I’m going to live. I told the Data Entry person that, if I weighed 150 pounds and wore all sorts of makeup, no one would be saying anything to me. Funny, the ones that “gick” at me are the ones who are overweight and have health problems.

Things slowed down this afternoon and I “walked away” two miles.

I stopped at the church and turned the heat on. I refuse to be cold tomorrow. I opened the organ and set it up, too.

I’d ordered some tomatoes and oranges so I swung in to get them. I ended up with a box of humongous 40s and one of 125s. The oranges and tomatoes are both supposed to go up so I’m going to enjoy them while I can.

When I got home, I had some kim chee (I tried the mung bean kim chee and it’s almost “there”), a young coconut (this one was really young), three of the 40s, juiced, three tomatoes with Tajin, and six of the 125s, juiced. I ended up drinking about a quart of OJ and didn’t want anything else.

My friend in the nursing home called to let me know that she will be at her daughter’s tomorrow afternoon. We had a good visit. She seems to be doing much better.

I’ve been posting on the Raw Food Lifestyle forum. It’s up to 59 members, the last time I checked. There are 1787 posts in 98 topics. I don’t think there were that many in the whole time I had the Yahoo forum. And this one has been up just over two weeks.

And now, that brings me to the point where I sign off and say, “Good night!” and “Happy Sabbath!”

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