I may not have time to post about two days tonight.

It’s already past 10 so I won’t even try for two days.

I got up yesterday and didn’t have time to exercise. I figured I’d wear my running shoes and join the Ladies again. Breakfast was OJ (20+ ozzies) and a four banana/two huge pears/romaine smoothie.

The weather was unpleasant AGAIN.

Lunch was three bananas and a large pear. I ate a couple of leaves of romaine but decided I’d save it for a smoothie for supper. Later, I had three Clementines.

The Ladies didn’t exercise so yesterday was a day completely without. Not good.

My friend called me from the nursing home and we finalized on the plans for last night. I came home and changed clothes, grabbed some fruit (I didn’t have time to fix a smoothie. I’d thought I’d make a salad to take, too, but that was not to be), and ran out the door. I got to the nursing home and she was ready and sitting by the nurses’ station. She looked quite glamorous even though she was in a wheelchair. One of the aides and I got her to the car and loaded. The wheelchair went in my trunk easily.

On the way, I took a little side trip and showed her the Home place. It’s the house my father built and we lived in off and on for much of my childhood and even after I was an adult. She was duly impressed. I guess. At least she acted like she was.

We got to the location for the Feast about a half hour early. She got situated at the end of one of the long tables and I sat next to her. People were thrilled to see her.

The hall was decorated beautifully with tiny lights lining some of the walls. There were candles on the tables and on stands next to the Communion table. When the lights were turned out, the glow was beautiful. The “dinnerware” was gold paper plates and cups. There were napkins and utensils to match. Flower arrangements were placed every few feet with big baskets of assorted breads. I enjoyed the smell. There were crackers with assorted spreads and big platters of fruit and veggies. I had lots of fruit and celery, plus I ate two and a half bananas. My friend ate the other half banana. She had a Clementine, too, and really liked it. There was music, both recorded and live, and the highlight of the evening was when two men sang an original song. One of the men is a prolific writer. He writes both music and lyrics. He does need to do something with his music besides just perform it locally. It’s something the world needs.

We moved into the Communion phase and I washed my friend’s feet. She wondered how she was going to wash mine. I put the basin on the chair I’d been sitting in and stood and put my foot in the water. She was able to reach and wash my feet and then dry them for me. I think she felt good to be able to participate.

The deacons passed around the Communion bread and the grape juice. It wasn’t raw but I don’t consider myself a “cooked foodist” because I ate/drank. While the sacraments were being passed, people gave their testimonies. My friend shared that she was so glad to be there and to have me for her friend. She called my name and someone I’d gone to school with recognized it. He found me later and told me a sad thing. His wife has a blood disease that she’s battling. He asked me to come see her. I’ll call her first. He said she’d love to see me but that’s a husband talking. I’d prefer making sure. I’ve known her, literally, all my life. She and I were in Sabbath School together when we were so small it was hard to see over the sand table.

After the pastor had the closing prayer, I went to get the car. It took awhile to work my way to the door. I have no idea how many people were there but they had made provision for 175, I think, and there weren’t many empty seats.

The men helped to load the wheelchair and get my friend into the car. We got back to the nursing home and one of the aides got her inside. I gave her the other two bananas and two Clementines we hadn’t eaten. I was home by a little before 11. I got to bed at 11:05.

When I got up this morning (I slept something like seven hours and lay in bed longer) I weighed 114.8. One of the members of the forum wondered what my ticker will look like when the goal is met so I rounded it up and fixed it tonight. Here it is:


No biggie. No fireworks or animated gifs or anything.

So…tomorrow, I’ll catch up. I have to go pick up my coconut and lay in my supply of food but I should have time to get that done. The forum is taking some doing to keep up, though. People are posting posting posting! And it’s all good!

Good night and I hope everyone had a Happy Sabbath!

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